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Chemistry - CCM Platform

2023 Xplor Application of the Year Award Winner: Driving Dynamic & Personalized Booklets for Production Inkjet Printing
Solimar JDF Job Ticketing
Solimar Takes the Guessworkout of Printing
PDF Optimization
Track Everything
Secure Data & Jobs
Solimar Drives ROI!
Chemistry - Empowering Critical Communications
Chemistry Drives Production Print & Multi-Channel Distribution


PDF Optimization
SOLitrack - Print Manager


SOLitrack Overview Brochure
Solimar JDF Job Ticketing
SOLitrack Document GPS
Rubika - Document Re-engineering


Rubika Overview Brochure
Rubika Adds Value Without Programming
SOLfusion - Process automation


SOLfusion Overview Brochure
Solimar Indexing Tools

Solimar Indexing Tools

Accessibility Brochure
Redaction Brochure
Indexing Tools Overview Brochure
Solimar Print Director Enterprise (SPDE) - Output Management

Solimar Print Director Enterprise (SPDE)

SPDE Overview Brochure
iCONVERT - AFP Transforms


iCONVERT Overview Brochure
Sending ACIF Files
SOLscript - VIPP Optimization


SOLscript Overview Brochure
XIMAGEpdf Resource Creation ATool


XIMAGEpdf Overview Brochure
SOLsearcher Enterprise (SSE) - E-Delivery and Archive

SOLsearcher Enterprise (SSE)

SSE Overview Brochure
SSE Architecture Overview Brochure
Solimar Systems

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Support Quick Reference
Solimar Drives ROI!
2016 Must See Em Award Winner
Solimar Systems

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Solimar Drives Canon ROI
Solimar Drives HP ROI
ReadyPDF Validation Testing for HP Inkjets
Solimar Drives Konica Minolta ROI
Solimar Drives Kyocera ROI
Solimar Drives RISO ROI
Solimar Drives SCREEN ROI
Solimar Drives Xerox ROI
Solimar and BCC Integrated Partner Brochure
Solimar University Online (SUO) Brochure
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Messaging & Augmented Reality (AR)

Make Every Communication an Experience with BLUairspace
BLUairspace™ - The Extended Reality (XR) Platform
RealityBLU AR Cards
Solimar Adds Value to Print Variable Messaging
SOLibank Transactional Document with AR
ZOO Brew Mailer with AR