SOLscript - VIPP Optimizer

SOLscript is a PostScript preamble that emulates and optimizes Xerox VIPP® software, extending the reach of VIPP applications to virtually all types and brands of workgroup and production printers, as well as ERM/COLD systems. SOLscript runs with the PostScript emulation modules of the Solimar® Print Director® Enterprise (SPDE) solution, and enables users to reproduce VIPP applications on a variety of devices, including those that support PostScript, PDF, PCL, IPDS, Metacode or TIFF.

SOLscript Workflow; SOLscript a Solimar Systems print and digital delivery automation solution

VIPP print files can be submitted to SOLscript via a variety of methods, including TCP/IP, FTP or watched directories. Once submitted, the files are automatically converted into the appropriate output format based on the PostScript interpreter’s functionality. When installed with SPDE, the converted output may be routed to the desired destination device by one of several connectivity options, including TCP/IP, Windows print queue, or spool file.

SOLscript supports full color, highlight color and monochrome devices, as well as a broad range of finishing capabilities such as barcodes, binding, and stitching.

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SOLscript System Requirements

User Resources Supported

  • JPEG or TIFF images
  • PostScript or EPS files
  • Native mode VIPP forms or segments of VIPP code
  • Fonts

Control Resources Supported

  • Job Descriptor Ticket (JDT)
  • Database Master (DBM)
  • XJT
  • Font lists and encoding tables

Configuration Modes Supported

  • Native Mode
  • Line Mode
  • Database Mode
  • XML Mode
  • VIPP IDE from Xerox
  • Document Design System from Red Titan
  • Vitesse from Elixir
  • Transformation Suite from Elixir
  • Papyrus from ISIS
  • N-Series Server from Dataline Systems
  • D.A.R.T. from Dataline Systems
  • DocuRight from FirstLogic
  • PrintShop Mail from Atlas Software BV
  • DataMerge from Banta
  • Intel-based processor
  • Windows® 10 or later, Windows® Server 2012 R2 or later

* A USB hub device can be used to increase the number of USB ports. USB ports are not required for any products using machine validation licensing.

Test Files

To demonstrate the capabilities, speed, and accuracy of Solimar solutions, customer application testing is available. Solimar technicians will test compatibility, examine the fidelity of the output, and incorporate specific printing requirements into the final product. A test result summary will be provided, including viewable PDF files.

SOLscript Test Files

Instructions for sending VIPP data to be tested with SOLscript.

SOLscript Checklist

Checklist to help verify the information regarding your sample data.

SPDE Test Files

Instructions for sending data to be tested with SPDE.

iCONVERT Test Files

Instructions for sending data to be tested with iCONVERT.