Managing print and digital output as part is a crucial part of maintaining a streamlined process for the onboarding of new work through to production and delivery. Within the Chemistry Platform of modular workflow components, we offer multiple, easy-to-use ways to achieve templatized, rule-based and automated capabilities for complete print management–with the added value of class-leading file type conversions to keep your production running when customers deliver files that are non-standard to your workflow.

Solimar Print Director Enterprise (SPDE) Enterprise Output Management
Data Stream Conversion & Print Management

Solimar Print Director Enterprise (SPDE)

Output management solution that provides multi-level security, remote administrator and operator access, email alerts, powerful job routing/tracking capabilities, and industry-leading data stream transforms.

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Secure IPP Print Server
Secure Printing

Secure IPP Print Server

Secure IPP Print Server leverages the established methods of IPP and IPPS protocols making it possible to send print data securely to production printers.

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iCONVERT AFP Transforms, Solimar Systems optimized data stream conversion solutions for IPDS, and AFPDS data stream integration
AFP Transform Suite


iCONVERT is a powerful transform engine for AFP environments that functions most commonly in routing mainframe and AS/400 print reports directly to hundreds of networked desktop printers.

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SOLscript VIPP Optimization, Solimar Systems' optimized solutions for Xerox VIPP
VIPP Emulation


SOLscript is a PostScript preamble that emulates and optimizes Xerox VIPP® software, extending the reach of VIPP applications to virtually all types and brands of workgroup and production printers, as well as ERM/COLD systems.

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XIMAGEpdf Resource Creation Tools - By Solimar Systems in collaboration with Xerox
Resource Creation


XIMAGEpdf is a resource creation tool that converts single page PDF files into Xerox Metacode form (FRM) overlays and images (IMG) resources.

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Solimar University Online - Cloud-based learning platform, Solimar Systems

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Online demos of our solution suite & capabilities
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Free file testing of AFP, IPDS, Metacode, PCL, PDF, PostScript & VIPP®
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Modular & configurable solutions with intuitive user interfaces.
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