Print files and digital jobs often come into an organization already created. Many require changes to make the work “flow” through the production print or digital delivery environment or would benefit from enhancements and enrichments to add-value to those receiving the final product. Commonly, production managers desire to make changes prior to production for speed, accuracy and approval requirements. Rubika, a part of our modular Chemistry Platform of workflow solutions, will help you achieve these goals with ease-of-use in mind.

Document Re-engineering


Powerful post-composition re-engineering workflow solution that greatly enhances document distribution and management in high volume transactional printing and web presentment environments.

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SOLfusion Process Automation, Solimar Systems' production and transactional print automation software tool
Process Automation


SOLfusion is a powerful centralized workflow application that allows users to stage and sequence tasks needed to produce desired output.

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SOLindexer Data Indexing Tools, Solimar Systems' document and data stream indexing solution, optimizing print and digital document delivery
Data Indexing

Solimar Indexing Tools

A suite of PDF indexing tools for Adobe® Acrobat® and Reader® that provides an easy to use method for rapidly locating relevant information within transactional PDF documents.

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Accessibility Engine
Accessible Documents

Accessibility Engine

Powerful indexing tool that enables organizations to make documents accessible to support electronic document delivery and compliance initiatives.

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Redaction Engine
Data Redaction

Redaction Engine

Solimar's Redaction Engine dynamically removes content with automated template-driven indexing and redaction workflows. Text, comment and image information can be completely removed or replaced with alternative content and not simply covered up.

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