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10 Reasons to Make the Move to SOLitrack

SOLitrack is a versatile product that allows you to start simple and add capabilities as needed. It fits into the Solimar solution platform, tracking jobs and pieces from receipt through optimization, manufacturing, distribution, and delivery. Here are ten reasons why customers choose SOLitrack.

(Length: 14:17)
header image for: Intelligent Automation: The Future of Print Efficiency is in Flexibility and Adaptive Logic, a SolimarSecret video

Intelligent Automation: The Future of Print Efficiency is in Flexibility and Adaptive Logic

We sat down with three industry experts—Drew Sprague, President of Solimar Systems, Pat McGrew from McGrewGroup, and Ryan McAbee from PixelDot Consulting—to discuss the transformative power of intelligent automation and how it reshapes the print landscape.

(Length: 30:37)
Header image for: Introducing SOLitrack Mail Tracking: End-to-End Visibility for Enhanced Customer Service article and video

Introducing SOLitrack Mail Tracking: End-to-End Visibility for Enhanced Customer Service

SOLitrack Mail Tracking - an optional add-on module that integrates delivery data into the SOLitrack print workflow platform. It connects with leading mail tracking services to append up-to-date delivery status information to individual mail pieces.

(Length: 14:59)
Header image for: Ways to Take IPDS Printing to the Next Level, article and video

Four Ways to Take IPDS Printing to the Next Level

Documents that are locked into proprietary print workflows offer little flexibility. iCONVERT provides a bridge to unlock and integrate these documents into modern, strategic print production platforms.

(Length: 7:50)
Header Imager for: The Case for Post-Composition and Why It’s Integral in Print Factories, article and video

The Case for Post-Composition and Why It’s Integral in Print Factories

Commercial composition products have grown in sophistication over the years, leading some to believe dedicated post-composition tools are no longer necessary. However, post-composition solutions are essential and integral for enabling vital capabilities to print server providers and in-plants,

(Length: 11:20)

See the power of the Solimar suite of workflow solutions

SolimarShorts cover many of the hot topics that our industry faces. In topical segments, each SolimarShorts gives a quick glimpse into the power of Solimar’s suite of solutions and how organizations can realize operational and mailing efficiencies, added value to existing applications, TransPromotional implementation, and other workflow optimization opportunities.

Streamlining Production Print Workflows: Challenges and Solutions

Streamlining Production Print Workflows: Challenges and Solutions

This video delves into companies' typical workflow challenges and explores how Solimar Systems' solutions can significantly enhance efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

(Length: 18:12)
Maximizing Your Inkjet Investment With Chemistry: Workflow Concepts for Optimizing Inkjet Production Printing

Maximizing Your Inkjet Investment With Chemistry: Workflow Concepts for Optimizing Inkjet Production Printing

Inkjet printing technology can enhance efficiency, productivity, and cost savings, making it a valuable resource for both established print centers and those adopting inkjet technology for the first time.

(Length: 17:26)
ADF Efficiencies - Overview

ADF – Part 1 Overview, Benefits, and Strategies

In the world of high-volume transactional printing, businesses continuously seek ways to improve efficiency in their production workflows. Implementing an Automated Document Factory (ADF) solution is an increasingly popular approach.

(Length: 9:21)
ADF Efficiencies - Reprints

ADF – Part 2 Reprint Strategies

Solimar solutions enables organizations to control reprints at the production level by integrating document tracking and automated intelligence. Our software solutions index data contents and metadata to assign each mail piece a sequence number and barcode during composition.

(Length: 4:09)
ADF Efficiencies - Any-To-Any

ADF – Part 3 “Any to Any” Workflow Benefits

Companies today need flexible and efficient production print workflows to stay competitive. Solimar Systems' "any to any" solutions allow you to optimize your workflow by seamlessly converting data between formats and platforms. This improves productivity and reduces costs.

(Length: 9:16)

Helping organizations around the world be more successful

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Kennickell Case Study

Confidence to Sell More with Solimar Systems Solutions at Kennickell Group

Solimar Systems recently spoke with Al Kennickell, President, to discuss how Solimar solutions helped the Kennickell Group to optimize sorting and mailing operations, ensure quick turnaround times, and reinforce client satisfaction.

(Length: 17:50)
MCG Case Study

Speed is Key to Growth at MCG using Solimar Systems

MCG built a suite of digital solutions that includes the ability for clients to manage and proof documents remotely, digitally track mail pieces and electronic presentment communications, and archival and retrieval of printed and electronic documents all powered by the Solimar Chemistry™ Platform.

(Length: 10:28)
FSSI Case Study

One Billion Served at FSSI: The ePresentment Power of Solimar’s SOLsearcher Enterprise

Solimar Systems recently spoke with Henry Perez, President, and Brandon Fee, Development Manager, to understand how SSE became integral to the company’s ePresentment platform and capabilities.

(Length: 12:33)
RevSpring Case Study Video

RevSpring Keeps Customer Financials Running Smoothly with Solimar

Eric Hollingsworth, the Vice President of Operations, and Carrie Sublett, Graphics Manager, discuss how Solimar solutions play a pivotal role in the print and mail operations at RevSpring.

(Length: 14:49)
State Of Washington Video Background

Production Flexibility with Solimar Systems Keeps Customer Communications Flowing

Solimar caught up with the Washington State Department of Enterprise Services (DES), to get an update on how Solimar’s Chemistry™ Platform continues to increase flexibility and improve print operations.

(Length: 9:16)

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Solimar solution overviews with new features & highlights

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SOLitrack Version 2.6 and SOLsearcher Enterprise (SSE) Version 4.1

Streamlining Workflow with SOLitrack 2.6, SOLsearcher Enterprise (SSE) 4.1, and Indexing Tools 4.1

Solimar Systems unveils the latest updates in SOLitrack version 2.6, SOLsearcher Enterprise version 4.1, and Indexing Tools version 4.1. These upgrades introduce new features across various areas, including user interfaces, administration, security, and JDF (Job Definition Format).

(Length: 9:47)
SPDE Secure IPP Input and Output

Connectivity and Security of IPP Printing

Internet Print Protocol (IPP) establishes far stronger protections for printing on today's diverse networks. Solimar Systems brings robust, secure IPP capabilities to our modular and scalable Chemistry Platform with Solimar Print Director Enterprise (SPDE) and its Secure IPP Print Server.

(Length: 3:11)
SPDE Overview

Solimar Print Director Enterprise – A Robust Output Management & Data Stream Conversion Solution

Solimar Print Director Enterprise (SPDE) is a robust output manager that seamlessly ingests data from business systems, transforms and optimizes content to maximize printer compatibility, applies rules to route production intelligently, and tracks work entering your plant floor and beyond.

(Length: 10:42)
SPDE Version 9.3 Highlights

Solimar Director Enterprise Version 9.3 Update

The Solimar Director Enterprise (SPDE) version 9.3 introduces significant improvements to enhance the user experience and product capabilities. The update reinforces SPDE's role as a bridge between PDF-centric and non-PDF workflows, offering data optimization, job management and device connectivity.

(Length: 9:11)
iCONVERT - Robust AFP / IPDS Output Management & Data Stream Conversion Solution

iCONVERT – Robust AFP / IPDS Output Management & Data Stream Conversion Solution

Solimar’s iCONVERT software delivers centralized AFP print stream management. Acting as an IPDS output transformer and emulator, it effortlessly ingests IBM IPDS and AFPDS data formats.

(Length: 13:29)