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Controlling Media and Finishing Across Cutsheet Devices

Explore the intriguing capabilities of controlling media and finishing operations across cutsheet devices, a game-changer for the printing industry.

(Length: 9:39)

SOLitrack Production Proofs and Approvals: Streamlining the Workflow

SOLitrack's Production Proofing workflow offers a powerful set of tools that can save time, reduce manual intervention, and ultimately save money for businesses that require meticulous control over their print jobs.

(Length: 6:31)

4 Key Strategies for Data Security

Solimar Systems offers a multifaceted approach to data security, including redaction, obfuscation, data retention control, and encryption. It enables organizations to protect their sensitive data effectively and reduce the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches.

(Length: 5:24)

8 Ways to Get the Most from Your Inkjet with Rubika

Learn eight effective ways to maximize the benefits of inkjet technology using Rubika. Many inkjet printer owners initially invest in their devices with specific applications in mind. However, this presentation highlights various creative ways to further leverage inkjet technology for increased revenue generation, enhanced productivity, and cost savings.

(Length: 10:46)

3 Reasons to Make the Move to JDF

Valuable insights into why making the transition to JDF is worth considering. Here are three compelling reasons to embrace JDF: streamlined cross-vendor workflow, enhanced visibility and control, and accurate job costing

(Length: 9:08)

See the power of the Solimar suite of workflow solutions

SolimarShorts cover many of the hot topics that our industry faces. In topical segments, each SolimarShorts gives a quick glimpse into the power of Solimar’s suite of solutions and how organizations can realize operational and mailing efficiencies, added value to existing applications, TransPromotional implementation, and other workflow optimization opportunities.

Streamlining Production Print Workflows: Challenges and Solutions

This video delves into companies' typical workflow challenges and explores how Solimar Systems' solutions can significantly enhance efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

(Length: 18:12)

Maximizing Your Inkjet Investment With Chemistry: Workflow Concepts for Optimizing Inkjet Production Printing

Inkjet printing technology can enhance efficiency, productivity, and cost savings, making it a valuable resource for both established print centers and those adopting inkjet technology for the first time.

(Length: 17:26)

ADF – Part 1 Overview, Benefits, and Strategies

Overview of how ADF solutions can compliment production print environments in many ways to increase efficiencies and profitability.

(Length: 12:40)

ADF – Part 2 Reprint Strategies

This session continues the discussion of ADF components with a focus on reprints.

(Length: 4:54)

ADF – Part 3 “Any to Any” Workflow Benefits

This session continues the discussion of ADF components with a focus on the ability to support multiple data formats on various output and presentation devices.

(Length: 10:22)

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Confidence to Sell More with Solimar System Solutions at Kennickell Group

Solimar Systems recently spoke with Al Kennickell, President, to discuss how Solimar solutions helped the Kennickell Group to optimize sorting and mailing operations, ensure quick turnaround times, and reinforce client satisfaction.

(Length: 17:50)

Speed is Key to Growth at MCG using Solimar Systems

MCG built a suite of digital solutions that includes the ability for clients to manage and proof documents remotely, digitally track mail pieces and electronic presentment communications, and archival and retrieval of printed and electronic documents all powered by the Solimar Chemistry™ Platform.

(Length: 10:28)

One Billion Served at FSSI: The ePresentment Power of Solimar’s SOLsearcher Enterprise

Solimar Systems recently spoke with Henry Perez, President, and Brandon Fee, Development Manager, to understand how SSE became integral to the company’s ePresentment platform and capabilities.

(Length: 12:33)

RevSpring Keeps Customer Financials Running Smoothly with Solimar

Eric Hollingsworth, the Vice President of Operations, and Carrie Sublett, Graphics Manager, discuss how Solimar solutions play a pivotal role in the print and mail operations at RevSpring.

(Length: 14:49)

Production Flexibility with Solimar Systems Keeps Customer Communications Flowing

Solimar caught up with the Washington State Department of Enterprise Services (DES), to get an update on how Solimar’s Chemistry™ Platform continues to increase flexibility and improve print operations.

(Length: 9:16)

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Solimar Launches Rubika 4.5 with Document De-Imposition to Streamline Offset to Digital Print Migration

Solimar Systems, Inc. unveiled the latest version of its award-winning Rubika document re-engineering solution. Rubika 4.5 introduces a simplified user interface for some of the more complex tasks and workflow efficiencies at its core, enabling customers to streamline implementations and achieve significant savings within their businesses.

Solimar Systems Unveils Robust Enhancements in ReadyPDF Prepress Server 9.2

Solimar Systems, Inc. has announced the release of version 9.2 of its award-winning PDF optimization solution, ReadyPDF® Prepress Server™. ReadyPDF 9.2 offers many enhancements to its current features and new additions to boost functionality and improve user experience

(Length: 11:57)

Solimar Systems Releases Print Director Enterprise 9.2 with Enhanced Security and User Experience Features

Solimar Systems, Inc., has released version 9.2 of its dynamic output management suite, Solimar Print Director Enterprise (SPDE).

(Length: 11:47)

Solimar Unveils Rubika 4.4 with Enhanced User Interface for Easier Onboarding and Increased Workflow Efficiencies

Solimar Systems, Inc. has unveiled the latest version of its award-winning Rubika document re-engineering solution. Rubika 4.4 introduces an enhanced user experience and more workflow efficiencies at its core, enabling customers to streamline implementations and achieve significant savings within their businesses.

(Length: 8:49)

Solimar Systems Releases New Security Features and Advanced Mailing Capabilities in SOLitrack 2.5 and SOLsearcher Enterprise 4.0

Solimar Systems, Inc. today released the latest versions of its SOLitrack and SOLsearcher Enterprise (SSE) document access, tracking, reporting, and visibility dashboard platforms.

(Length: 9:08)