Solimar Systems Product & Technical Support

The Solimar Technical Support team is available Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm Pacific Time by calling +1.619.849.2800 or emailing The latest updates and release notes for all Solimar products can be downloaded from our FTP site.

Customers with a valid maintenance agreement may work with Solimar Technical Support via phone, email, fax, FTP, and the web. Software updates are available upon request. Solimar customers on active support are offered pre-releases and discounts on new products, when applicable.

Online Support

Application that allows us to deliver person-to-person technical support to our customers through secure ScreenSharing technology

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FTP Site

Customers on active support may download the latest software versions, printer drivers, and other files from our FTP site

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Contact Support

Have questions or technical issues? No problem. Our award winning support technicians are here to help.

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Solimar STAR Program

Personalized annual site configuration review designed to help optimize business processes and improve workflows.

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Validation Token

For computer validated licensing, download the Validation Token Extractor (ZIP) to assist in licensing and setup.


Support Quick Reference

Whether you call for help with a printing issue or want to discuss configuring Solimar products, we are available to assist you.

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Product Release & Version Levels

Product NameVersionBuild
Solimar License Server3.3442
Solimar Print Director Enterprise9.32717
Solimar Print/Director5.171617
Solimar Indexing Tools4.11529
SOLsearcher Enterprise4.11529

On-site Services

Solimar Systems offers on-site custom installation and operator training for all products. The Solimar on-site technician works with data center personnel to set up the communications with the host systems and output devices. Operator training includes testing applications and configuring the Solimar solution to best meet the customer requirements.

Client Satisfaction

Customer support is extremely important to the Solimar team of printing, networking, data stream, and hardware experts. Whether clients call for help with a printing issue or want to discuss configuring their Solimar print server to best fit their data center requirements, the Solimar Technical Support team is there to help.

Solimar Systems Technical Support keeps a detailed log of each customer’s calls and emails. Sample data files, resources, host/printer environment and custom configurations are archived in the support database. Coupled with the support staff’s expertise, this information helps to provide the fastest response possible to customer questions.

Extended Coverage & Disaster Recovery Programs

In addition to providing standard coverage Monday through Friday, Solimar also offers Technical Support on evenings and weekends via Extended Coverage Programs. Designed to meet the needs of virtually every organization, Solimar’s Extended Support Programs include 24/7 coverage,  and special circumstances support. To learn more about Solimar’s, please contact a member of the Solimar Technical Sales Team at +1.619.849.2800.

Extended Support (24/7)

Everyday, 24 hours – designed to provide expert assistance to customers with critical production issues 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Special Circumstances Support

Available on a single occurrence basis, this customized support plan provides after-hours assistance to customers needing to support a planned change to their production environment.

Disaster Recovery and Auxiliary Licensing Programs

Solimar Systems offers several Auxiliary Licensing and Disaster Recovery programs to satisfy a wide range of needs. These programs were designed for organizations seeking an increase in developer productivity while minimizing production interruptions, looking for a fully functional backup system or simply require safeguards in case of an emergency. When installed and maintained on a second, non-production PC, Solimar’s Disaster Recovery and Auxiliary Licensing Programs combine the necessary Solimar software and hardware components with the customer’s unique system configuration and resource library to provide a cost-effective development environment.

To learn more about Solimar’s Disaster Recover and Auxiliary Licensing Programs, please contact a member of the Solimar Technical Sales Team at +1.619.849.2800.