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Exploring Workflow Automation on #ThePrintReport

Industry podcast discussing how adding tools to automate and optimize print workflow saves time and money for the printers who take the journey.

Data Security - Accessing Risk

Are You Assessing Data Privacy in a Time of Risk? Expert Tips for Print and Digital

Most printers handling data have a plan in place, but the changing nature of state laws regarding what is private and who is responsible if someone claims to be injured by a data leak raises good questions.

Data Security - Privacy Laws-Blog

Tracking Influential Privacy Laws in this Risky Time? Printer & In-Plant Must Read

Begin with a review of the data you accept and manage. Even work that does not contain PII or PHI should have a retention policy that makes sense for the business.

Data Security - Reliable SOP-Blog

Printers & In-Plants, Are You Setting a Reliable SOP in a Risky Time?

If you don’t have an SOP, this is a great time to start putting it together. It can take months to track down the information, but it can prevent headaches if you have any type of business interruption or malware breach.

A Deeper Dive: 5 Ways Print Workflow Will Easily Drive Future Success

A Deeper Dive: 5 Ways Print Workflow Will Easily Drive Future Success

Let’s take a closer look at 5 ways post-composition workflow solutions can make an impact in your print environment.

Solimar - CSA Partner Video

Canon Solutions America Partner Video – Think Forum

Solimar is proud to have built great relationships in the Canon organization. Solimar is available to all thINK members and Canon representatives for conversations about print production and digital delivery workflows.

Be Ready, Read the Research - 2021 KPI ReadyPDF Whitepaper

Be Ready! Read the Research!

Grab your favorite beverage, find a comfortable chair, and take some time to read the Keypoint Intelligence Whitepaper, Don’t stop there! Key an eye on whitepaper offerings across the industry to dig deeper into how to become more efficient.


How to Make PDF a Secret Weapon for Success in your Print Environment

Pat McGrew, Industry Expert, Analyst and Managing Director of McGrewGroup and our Solimar President, Drew Sprague, talk about why PDF is winning the standardization battle as compared to other print file types and why PDF is so important.

Dan Adler-30 Years Solimar Partnership

How Print Workflows See Positive Results Out of 30-Years of Solimar Success

In this video, we talk to Dan Adler about 30 years of post-composition print workflow software solutions, how he got his start, why he chose Solimar in 1991, how that relationship created success for his business, and why he is still connected to us today.

5 Ways- Post-Composition

How Post-Composition for Production Print Drives Success: 5 Ways

Printers are on a mission to find better ways to win more business and operate more efficiently. Their experience from last year is driving a renewed energy across the printing industry as they embrace the continued variability of print markets.

TIFF Usefulness is Dead!

TIFF Usefulness is Dead! Will You Empower Your Archives with PDF?

GUEST AUTHOR: Pat McGrew. The Tagged Image File Format, TIFF, was once the standard for archiving essential documents but now PDF provides the solution for ensuring searchability, security and accessibility.

Solimar Systems 30 Year Anniversary

Solimar Systems Celebrates 30 Years of Devoted Printing and Digital Chemistry™

Our journey as a company started 30 years ago today—on the 22nd of March in 1991. With a mission to provide printing capabilities from computers and mainframes to state-of-the-art digital printing engines, our software had an immediate need and impact.

Feature Image, Solimar Systems Blog, Winds of Change

Do These Helpful Tech Features Need to Be Standard in Production Print Businesses?

The print production and digital delivery industries continue to feel the winds of change in 2021. For those running printing environments the challenges of managing print production continue.

Storing PDF

Are Your PDFs Being Optimized to Secure Significant Savings?

As experts in PDF, we believe there are significant cost savings to be unlocked based on how you handle PDFs; savings that have yet to be achieved by many Print Service Providers (PSPs) in their printing environments and archives.

Working Remote

Working Remote Shouldn’t Impact Your Print Shop Management

We know print and digital production floors are a bit more complicated than ordering DoorDash, Grubhub or an Uber; that doesn’t mean you should have to lose visibility when you step out of the building or back into your office.

Going Virtual

Going Virtual: Rallying to Bring the Latest In Workflow Innovation

By this time in August, we have become accustomed to “live” or in-person events being canceled in lieu of virtual events leveraging online video conferencing technology. Yes, we have all gone virtual.

PDF Storage

Save Money Through Better PDF Storage Practices—It’s a Snap

No matter why you are archiving your PDFs, it is important to make sure that your processes are efficient and as automated as possible. This is where we would like to introduce you to our recently announced Solimar Systems innovation: ReadyPDF Prepress Server.

PDF Personal Data Security

PDF Optimization and Cleansing with a Personal Data Security Twist

We have all said it: “Not all PDFs are created equal.” The challenge today is how do you find the right processes to optimize, correct and, in some cases, redact PDF files so that they can either be printed or delivered to an electronic channel?

FONT Doesn’t Have to Be a Four-Letter Word Blog

FONT Doesn’t Have to Be a Four-Letter Word in Your Print Shop

The good news is that “font” doesn’t have to be akin to other four-letter words. In fact, our team here at Solimar Systems has engineered a new solution that will take away many, if not all, of your font woes.

7 Easy Ways to Improve PDF Coming into Your Print Shop

7 Easy Ways to Improve PDF Coming into Your Print Shop

Those that have been around the printing industry know that PDF has really changed the industry. In fact, you might not even remember what it stands for—many consumers just know they get or make PDFs so that they are easier to send and harder to modify.

Dial in Cost Savings by being Lean

Get Lean in 2020: Recapture Hidden Costs in Your Print and Mail Processes

Now is the time for printing and mailing operations to get lean by finding all those processes that haven’t had the chance or time to streamline.


Is Your Print and Digital Production Aligned to PDF File Format Centricity?

Over the years, changing technology, new innovations and a competitive market has impacted how you create and produce communications. It has given rise to many different file formats, especially in the high-volume print space.

#WeAreInThisTogether Blog

Keeping You Connected: Print, Paper and Digital Technology, #WeAreInThisTogether

With many urban centers asking or ordering people to self-isolate in their residences, it is a good reminder of the importance of critical communications: paper, print, and mail.

Don’t Get Handcuffed by Software Services in Your Print and Digital Workflow Environment

Don’t Get Handcuffed by Software Services in Your Print and Digital Workflow Environment

As complex as the print and digital printing space is, there is one thing that is simple…it all takes software to make the printer produce output.

Point A to B Blog

Are Your Print Shop’s Processes in a Desired State?

As providers of print solutions, specifically around the processes it takes to bring a job in to print, manage that job, produce it and prove delivery, helping customers go from a current to a desired state is what we eat, breath and sleep