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Solimar Systems Releases New Security Features and Advanced Mailing Capabilities in SOLitrack 2.5 and SOLsearcher Enterprise 4.0

Streamlining Workflow with SOLitrack 2.6, SOLsearcher Enterprise (SSE) 4.1, and Indexing Tools 4.1

Solimar Systems unveils the latest updates in SOLitrack version 2.6, SOLsearcher Enterprise version 4.1, and Indexing Tools version 4.1. These upgrades introduce new features across various areas, including user interfaces, administration, security, and JDF (Job Definition Format).

Secure IPP Print Server

Connectivity and Security of IPP Printing

Internet Print Protocol (IPP) establishes far stronger protections for printing on today's diverse networks. Solimar Systems brings robust, secure IPP capabilities to our modular and scalable Chemistry Platform with Solimar Print Director Enterprise (SPDE) and its Secure IPP Print Server.

Solimar Print Director Enterprise (SPDE) Enterprise Output Management

Solimar Print Director Enterprise – A Robust Output Management & Data Stream Conversion Solution

Solimar Print Director Enterprise (SPDE) is a robust output manager that seamlessly ingests data from business systems, transforms and optimizes content to maximize printer compatibility, applies rules to route production intelligently, and tracks work entering your plant floor and beyond.

SPDE Version 9.3 Highlights

Solimar Director Enterprise Version 9.3 Update

The Solimar Director Enterprise (SPDE) version 9.3 introduces significant improvements to enhance the user experience and product capabilities. The update reinforces SPDE's role as a bridge between PDF-centric and non-PDF workflows, offering data optimization, job management and device connectivity.

iCONVERT AFP Transforms, Solimar Systems optimized data stream conversion solutions for IPDS, and AFPDS data stream integration

iCONVERT – Robust AFP / IPDS Output Management & Data Stream Conversion Solution

Solimar’s iCONVERT software delivers centralized AFP print stream management. Acting as an IPDS output transformer and emulator, it effortlessly ingests IBM IPDS and AFPDS data formats.

ReadyPDF Version 9.3 Highlights

ReadyPDF Prepress Server: Optimizing PDF Files for Efficient Processing

ReadyPDF provides industrial optimization of PDF files for eDelivery, archiving, proofing and production printing. A significant enhancement to the software is PDF validation, addressing the challenges of handling problematic files in production.

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ReadyPDF Use Cases

You Need Powerful PDF Optimization! Discover Use Cases and Solutions

ReadyPDF Prepress Server is an industrial PDF optimization workflow software solution designed for those seeking to automate, templatize and improve the PDFs they are creating or onboarding to their print or digital delivery environments.

Borns Group

South Dakota Marketing and Print Shop Brings The Perfect Blend to Clients

Lee Borns, President, and his team at Borns Group share why having an Solimar's easy-to-use and capable workflow software platform has been the cornerstone of their continued growth and success.

Mail Communications Group (MCG)

Iowa Print and Mail Shop Fulfills Consumer Needs with Workflow Partner

President and CEO Shayne Huston of Mail Communications Group (MCG) discusses how Solimar Systems is one of the key components that enables a greater speed to market for their organization.

Detroit-Based Print Shop Delivers Confidence and Engagement with Workflow Software Partners

Detroit-Based Print Shop Delivers Confidence and Engagement with Workflow Software Partners

Wolverine Solutions Group shares their perspective on the 25+ year partnership with Solimar from their second-generation family CEO to their Director of IT and their Client Success Program Manager,

SOLitrack - Watch Video

New SOLitrack 2.4 Makes Benefits for Print Shops with Remote Working Value

Solimar Systems is excited to share the latest version of our Chemistry platform component SOLitrack 2.4 - a robust tracking, reporting and workflow dashboard solution,

SOLitrack - Watch Video

Piece Level Management & Tracking in SOLitrack 2.3

SOLitrack has traditionally supported job level tracking and our indexing, document re-engineering and archive workflows support mailpiece-level management. Now, iIn SOLitrack version 2.3, we’ve combined these capabilities so tracking and additional controls for individual mail pieces within a job is available.

ReadyPDF - Watch Video

ReadyPDF Prepress Server Enhancements

ReadyPDF combines customized PDF optimization technologies along with Solimar’s own technology under one solution which providing functionality and robustness for high-volume print environments.

Over The Skype-Jonathan Malone-McGrew

INKISH.TV: Over the Skype; Workflow Discussion with Jonathan Malone-McGrew

In this Over the Skype Solimar explains what it is offering, as well as sharing some of the values that have given Solimar Systems a really high level of customer satisfaction.

ReadyPDF - PDF Optimization

Introduction to ReadyPDF – PDF Optimizer

ReadyPDF is our latest innovation for our PDF-centric workflow software platform, Chemistry, that delivers critical resource and content optimization capability for high-volume printing and e-delivery including variable marketing and transactional workflows.


Success Story: Variverge

Variverge discusses their decision to acquire and implement their Solimar solution to drive a new SCREEN Truepress Jet520NX inkjet full-color printer and improve their workflow.

SOLitrack Print Queue Management, Solimar Systems' print job tracking, print job approval and management solution and dashboard

Overview of New Features and Functionality in SOLitrack 2.2

SOLitrack has a number of feature and upgrades in the 2.2 release including ink and media reporting, support for EQUIOS SV printers from Screen, scheduling triggers, expanded language support, file viewing and support for MS SQL Server.

Customer Spotlight - NCP Solutions

Superior Customer Satisfaction Achieved with Solimar Archive Ease-of-Use

NCP Solutions, an OSG Company, recently shared how they used SOLsearcher Enterprise (SSE) and our HSM features to solve one of their customer complaints and do it in record time.


Overview of New Features in Rubika 4.3

Rubika® has a number of feature and function upgrades in the 4.3 release. These enhancements are driven directly from feedback from our users in an effort to make our award-winning document re-engineering solution easier to use and more functional.

Wolverine Solutions Group

Wolverine Solutions Group CEO Talks Enabling Business Through Strong Ties with Solimar

Tune in to this short video from Robert Tokar, CEO of Wolverine Solutions Group, as he shares his perspective on Solimar Systems and how it help them capture new business while staying ahead of the technology curve for over 20 years

Solimar Systems Logo - Teal Network

Chemistry – Transition to Inkjet

Don’t let the transition from cut-sheet to inkjet scare you… Solimar makes this process easy and efficient with a number of ways to optimize your data and workflow to make moving to inkjet painless and worry-free.