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    Regular business hours for Solimar Systems, Inc. (Solimar) are Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm Pacific Time, excepting certain public US holidays.

    For those Clients/Organizations not on Extended Support:

    By checking the After Hours Acknowledgment, the name entered in the AUTHORIZED Client certifies that he/she is authorized by the Client/Organization to order this on-demand, "after hours", technical assistance and to obligate the Client/Organization to pay for it.

    Client/Organization agrees to pay a non-refundable setup fee of $750.00 USD for on-demand, "after hours" technical assistance. Client/Organization agrees to pay an additional fee, in minimum increments of one hour. After hours assistance time will include all of the time that Solimar's staff works on the issue and documents the activity even if a technician is not speaking to you on the telephone. Client/Organization designates the individual originating this order as its contact for delivery of this technical assistance. The hourly rate is based on the assistance provided between the hours of 8:00am PT and 5:00pm PT which uses the $250.00 rate. Assistance provided outside of those hours is $400.00 per hour. Client/Organization agrees to pay an invoice from Solimar Systems, Inc. for this on-demand, "after hours", technical assistance within 15 business days of the date the on-demand after hours assistance was provided. Client/Organization agrees to pay a service fee of 4% of the transaction amount for each credit card payment.

    Solimar Systems support staff will make a reasonable effort to respond to a request for after hours support; however, Solimar does not guarantee the availability of after hours support or any particular timeframe for a response.

    Solimar Systems offers a support program providing 24/7 support. If you would like assurance of support outside our regular support hours, please contact

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