Learn How to Gain Success with the Chemistry™ Workflow Platform

Our Chemistry Platform is a modular set of workflow software solutions that provides capabilities for print and digital products to be more efficiently onboarded, enhanced, enriched, managed, produced, tracked, stored and reported on.

The Chemistry Platform includes integrated solutions that solve today’s production workflow challenges:

Solimar Workflow Solutions Empower Our Global Partner Network

3 Chemistry Boosts to Drive ROI:

PDF Centricity

PDF Centricity

Streamline production workflow processes and maximize efficiencies by converting legacy print languages, such as AFP, IPDS, PCL, and PostScript into optimized PDF.
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Secure PDF

Secure PDF Optimization

Create optimal PDF output for various channels including print, email and archive. Easily remove personal information from live jobs for proofs and testing.
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Track Every Job

Gain live visibility on jobs in process and the due out schedule. Create dynamic reports and set alerts & notifications on processes and devices across factories.
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Cloud-based Learning Platform Available to All Our Global Customers and Partners

Solimar University Online - Cloud-based learning platform, Solimar Systems

Login now to access robust learning content such as industry videos, presentations, reference documents, Solimar videos including SolimarSecrets and SolimarShorts, audio podcasts, and assessment materials. The self-paced SUO learning platform includes industry education, Solimar product and solution training modules and more.

Team Solimar Can Offer You:

Online demos
Online demos of our solution suite & capabilities
Onsite Assessments
On-site assessments & evaluation systems
File Testing
Free file testing of AFP, IPDS, Metacode, PCL, PDF, PostScript & VIPP®
Interactive GUI
Modular & configurable solutions with intuitive user interfaces.
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Solimar Latest News

TA Triumph-Adler GmbH

Solimar Systems partners with TA Triumph-Adler GmbH for expanded distribution in Germany

Solimar Systems, Inc. today announces a partnership with German-based company TA Triumph-Adler GmbH that specialises in multifunction printers,…

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State of Colorado - IDS

Solimar Systems Workflow Solutions Enable Rapid Response at the State of Colorado

Solimar Systems, Inc. announces that the State of Colorado’s Integrated Document Solutions (IDS) has streamlined 90% of all jobs printed by using…

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ReadyPDF Version 9.2

Solimar Systems Unveils Robust Enhancements in ReadyPDF Prepress Server 9.2

Solimar Systems, Inc. has announced the release of version 9.2 of its award-winning PDF optimization solution, ReadyPDF® Prepress Server™. ReadyPDF…

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SPDE 9.2 Press Release

Solimar Systems Releases Print Director Enterprise 9.2 with Enhanced Security and User Experience Features

Solimar Systems, Inc., has released version 9.2 of its dynamic output management suite, Solimar Print Director Enterprise (SPDE).

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Exploring Automation Blog

Exploring Workflow Automation on #ThePrintReport

Industry podcast featuring Jonathan Malone-McGrew, Senior Director of Engagement for Solimar Systems, discussing how adding tools to automate and…

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Data Security - Accessing Risk

Are You Assessing Data Privacy in a Time of Risk? Expert Tips for Print and Digital

Most printers handling data have a plan in place, but the changing nature of state laws regarding what is private and who is responsible if someone…

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Data Security - Privacy Laws-Blog

Tracking Influential Privacy Laws in this Risky Time? Printer & In-Plant Must Read

Begin with a review of the data you accept and manage. Even work that does not contain PII or PHI should have a retention policy that makes sense for…

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Data Security - Reliable SOP-Blog

Printers & In-Plants, Are You Setting a Reliable SOP in a Risky Time?

If you don’t have an SOP, this is a great time to start putting it together. It can take months to track down the information, but it can prevent…

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Empowering critical communications

Solimar Systems enables a global community of document professionals to securely manage and optimize content for print, mobile and e-Delivery with our modular solutions through:


Smart & scalable solutions for the print industry


Disparate technologies into automated workflows


Access to  sensitive data and documents


Client-facing content for global distribution

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