Chemistry - Customer Communications Management (CCM) Platform

Need to know exactly what is happening on the production floor? Are you ready for a real-time view of all your jobs and operations? Call Solimar. Chemistry is Solimar’s Customer Communications Management (CCM) platform that provides enterprise workflow tools that blend Solimar technologies with third party applications enabling you to achieve visibility, accessibility and mobility into your entire operation.

Solimar JDF

Three Automation Wins with Practical JDF

JDF in practice can be a powerful tool to support automation in your print workflow. Let Solimar show you how to win with JDF in your print workflow!

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Chemistry CCM Platform

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Solimar ADF Solutions

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Production Print Management & eDelivery

Onboarding & Workflow Process Automation

Incoming Data Sources

Direct Channel, FTP, sFTP, Shopping Cart, Storefront

Supported Print Languages

AFP/IPDS, LCDS, Metacode, PCL, PDF, PostScript, VIPP®

Incoming Application Types

Catalogs, Books, Labels, POD, Transactional

Automated Processes

Onboarding, Preflight, Composition, Transforms, Workflow Design

Post-Composition Workflows

Data Optimization & Transforms

Optimization and conversion to support PDF print workflows

Data Indexing

Redaction, Accessibility Tagging, and data extraction for external processes and applications

Document Re-engineering

Assemble, barcode, cleanse, commingle, finishing commands


Add overlays/underlays, onserts, digital inserts, marketing messages with AR experiences

Job Assembly & Prioritization

Book Blocks

Support for POD applications, and output can be used with roll-fed & cut sheet printers


Job Batching, Rolling Queues, Combine Like Work, Householding

Resource Caching

Caching resources optimizes print so printers can run at rated speed

SLA Monitoring & Load Balancing

Schedule and prioritize jobs to meet Service Level Agreements

Production Print Management & eDelivery

Multi-Channel Delivery

Secure Archive & Compliance, Preference Management, and Call Centers

High-Speed Color Inkjet Presses

IPDS, PDF, PostScript

Cut-Sheet & Continuous-Feed Printers

IPDS, Metacode, PCL, PDF, PostScript

Inserters & Finishing Equipment

Automated Reprint Workflows, Camera Integrity Systems

Visibility, Tracking & Reporting

Alerts & Notifications

Notifications about device and job status

JDF/JMF & Bi-Directional/DFE Communication

Communication and reporting on job information, status, and attributes

Performance Metrics

Operator and job performance reports

Web Portals

Populating custom web and client portals