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Johnson & Quin Interview

Q&A with Manish Haria, CISO & CIO of Johnson & Quin—Their Inkjet Revolution

Solimar caught up with Manish Haria, CISO & CIO of Johnson & Quin to ask him about his leadership in the transition to inkjet and the impact of this technology on their business.

ReadyPDF - PDF Optimization

The Print and Digital Communications World Has Been Waiting for ReadyPDF™

Our latest innovation for our PDF-centric workflow software platform, Chemistry™, allows clients to solve PDF problems with seamless integration.

The Struggle is Real Blog

The Lessons of Semi-Retirement Will Look Good on Your Print Operations

As you continue to step back from the process and take it in, start to think about how software like that at Solimar could help the daily “struggle”.

2019 USPS Promotion

Print and Mail Bills and Statements for First-Class Mail? This Discount is for You

On May 15th, 2019, the United States Postal Service (USPS) opened the gates for organizations to register for their 2019 Personalized Color Transpromo Promotion.

2019 BCC Software’s Information Exchange

BCC Software’s Information Exchange: The Power of Mailing, Peer-to-Peer Learning and Partnership

This August marked another BCC Software Information Exchange; a conference focused on their software users, the mailing market and connection to solutions that will add value.

CRO Adventure Blog

Chief Changes: Are You Ready When Key People in Your Print Production Move On?

As some of you may have heard, I am starting a new adventure into retirement and as I work less and see the world more, I am excited to still be a part of the team as the Relationship Consultant (RC) for Solimar.

Software and Automation Drives Profits for Print and Digital Delivery

Software and Automation Drives Profits for Print and Digital Delivery

It struck us recently that people may still not have a great understanding of why we talk about print and digital file production and delivery—something we often refer to as workflow.

Solimar Summer

Summer Strategies for Your Print and Digital Workflows

Here are some thoughts from within the four walls of Solimar on some strategies to leverage the summer prior to some pretty impactful print and digital delivery events in the fall.

Its A Wrap Blog

It’s a Wrap: Thoughts and Insights from #SolimarUC19

The first week of May 2019 has marked putting another Solimar User Conference and Customer Advisory Council (CAC) meeting in the books.

SOLicast - Solimar Systems Podcast. Information, industry insights and updates at your earlobes.

In Printing, Not All File Transforms Are Created Equal

Join Jonathan for this SOLicast recording as he describes the viewpoint our team here at Solimar takes with even the most straightforward transform.

Talk Workflow with Solimar

Why Are We Always Talking About Workflow—Especially in Print?

Workflow is what we want to talk to all of our clients about. With the Solimar Systems Chemistry Platform for print and digital communications, we can positively impact your workflow.

2019 Solimar User Conference Hashtag Blog

#SolimarUC19—A User Conference Your Bottom Line Says You Can’t Miss

What are you doing at the end of April? We hope you will say coming to see the Solimar team, our partners and industry experts at the Solimar User Conference 2019 in beautiful San Diego.

Customer Spotlight - NCP Solutions

Superior Customer Satisfaction Achieved with Solimar Archive Ease-of-Use

NCP Solutions, an OSG Company, recently shared how they used SOLsearcher Enterprise (SSE) and our HSM features to solve one of their customer complaints and do it in record time.

CROconnect: New Year, New Technology Blog

CROconnect: New Year, New Technology—Make 2019 the Year Your Team is Ahead of the Curve

Our ultimate goal is to use the information of reviewing our processes to produce print and digital communications and then leverage it for differentiated competitive advantage.

Hunkeler Innovation Days 2019 Solimar Blog

Join Solimar and Our Partners at the Must Be Industry Event Known as Innovationdays

Solimar is proud to be presenting innovations in PDF, workflow and inkjet printing along with our partners Xerox and SCREEN. Located in the main supplier hall, Xerox and SCREEN will be showing their latest innovations in digital printing for a variety of different markets.

Hunkeler Innovation Days 2019 Xerox Stand Blog

Hunkeler Innovationdays 2019: Xerox Drives Innovative Direct Mail with Solimar Workflow Technology

Xerox and Solimar will be showing the latest advancements in triggered direct mail, which will showcase for attendees the next level in customer engagement.

Hunkeler Innovation Days 2019 SCREEN Stand Blog

Hunkeler Innovationdays 2019: SCREEN and Solimar Demonstrate Next Gen Workflow and Printer Connectivity

SCREEN and Solimar will be presenting innovative inkjet and workflow technology in the SCREEN stand during the show.


Realize 2% in Postal Discounts by Leveraging Workflow Software Capabilities

The USPS is trying to promote the use of mail by offering discounts for utilizing different types of technology. There are two programs where Solimar solutions can be directly used to achieve a 2% postal savings. These two programs include the 2019 USPS Emerging & Advance Technology and Personalized Color Transpromo promotions.

Solimar Customer Advisory Council Chicago

A New Wind Blows in Chicago: New Insight and Innovations Move the Solimar Customer Advisory Council Ahead

Chicago in the fall generally means PRINT for the Print industry at McCormick’s South Hall It also makes it a perfect time to get our Solimar Systems Customer Advisory Council (CAC) together for an update on Solimar Research and Development (R&D), insights from their fellow members and market information from leading experts.

SOLicast - Solimar Systems Podcast. Information, industry insights and updates at your earlobes.

Post-Composition Print and Digital File Enhancement is Proven by Clients to be Critical

Join Jonathan Malone-McGrew, Director of Communications and Engagement at Solimar, for our latest SOLicast recording that discusses the relevance of post-composition document transformation and enhancement.

2018 Solimar Events

Fall Events Propel the Print Industry to a Successful Year End

Fourth Quarter is really a time to reflect on how the year has gone and what we still want to accomplish before year end. It is also at this time that we look at the industry events we have attended, especially since they start to wind down moving into the holiday season.

CROConnect-Now Is The Time

CROconnect: Now Is the Time to Review Your Print and Digital Production Processes

As our Chief Relationship Officer, or CRO, I spend a great deal of time speaking with our clients, partners and customers; and every time I hang up the phone or leave a meeting I realize how important it is to the people in those conversations to see ways to reduce challenges, improve the way they do things and simply have less stress.

SUO - 6 Simple Steps to Unlock Your New Learning Experience

Unlock the Power of Print, Workflow and AR in 6 Easy Steps

We have developed a number of learning paths, or course work, inside of Solimar University Online (SUO) for our clients and partners to access for educational and training material.

SOLicast - Solimar Systems Podcast. Information, industry insights and updates at your earlobes.

The Solimar Systems Advantage: How Clients Use Our Solutions to Beat the Competition

Join our Director of Communications and Engagement, Jonathan Malone-McGrew as he discusses client/customer benefits—real world scenarios that yield significant returns when utilizing Solimar solutions.

The One-Stop-Shop for Print Technology, Workflow Software and Innovative Ideas

The One-Stop-Shop for Print Technology, Workflow Software and Innovative Ideas

Many times we find our clients are already planning on attending user conferences and trade shows, which makes for a more cost-effective way of sorting out future solutions than traveling one-off and is more engaging than just an online meeting.