How Print Workflows See Positive Results Out of 30-Years of Solimar Success

This is an important year for print workflow and digital delivery workflow software. Print Service Providers (PSPs) and their print shops are looking for every possible edge to increase business, cost savings and security. As it happens, 2021 also marks 30-years of Solimar Systems post-composition solutions that support those needs, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

Relationships have always been an important part of the Solimar foundation and that remains true 30-years later. We are proud to say that we have helped in-plant print shops, Print Service Providers (PSPs)—businesses that may also be called service bureaus—and a wide variety of industries over the past three decades. The success of our customers is the driving force behind why we continue to develop post-composition print workflow solutions.

That brings us to Dan Adler, who became a Solimar post-composition customer in 1991. If you have been around print shops or Print Service Providers (PSPs) for a while, Dan’s name is likely familiar. After selling his service bureau, he was a consultant for many years and then became Solimar’s Chief Relationship Officer (CRO). After retiring, Dan continues to stay in touch with us as our Chief Relationship Consultant. In this video, we talk to Dan about 30 years of post-composition print workflow software solutions, how he got his start, why he chose Solimar in 1991, how that relationship created success for his business, and why he is still connected to us today.

If you are a Print Service Provider (PSP) or have an in-plant or print shop, we invite you to learn why people have stayed connected to Solimar for 30-years and counting. You may find post-composition solutions to help your print shop and we would welcome the opportunity to build a lasting multi-decade relationship with you, too. Learn more about us by dropping a note to

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