Solimar & Canon Solutions America Partnership - think Forum 2021

At Solimar Systems, we developed a handy formula for print shop success: PDF + JDF = ADF. Moreover, we are proud to be working hand-in-hand with our partners at Canon Solutions America (CSA) to make the formula a reality.

Is a Combined CSA and Solimar Solution Right for You?

Ask your Canon representative. Beyond the technology, Mary Ann Rowan and Jonathan Malone-McGrew here at Solimar Systems are proud to have built great relationships in the Canon organization. As a partner, they make sure they are available to all thINK members and Canon representatives for conversations about print production and digital delivery workflows. If our Chemistry™ Platform is intriguing, let’s start a conversation. Both of our organizations are here to help offer impactful solutions that will result in meaningful ROI. We look forward to helping you with your next workflow and print upgrade.