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TransPromotional – Part 5 Online Presentment

(Length: 3:40)

Unlocking the Power of Transpromo: Online Presentation

Welcome to the fifth session on how solutions from Solimar Systems can assist you with your transpromotional initiatives. Our previous sessions focused on transpromo concepts related more to hardcopy output. This session relates to how transpromo can be extended beyond the printed mailpiece with electronic presentment.

Personalized Content and Dynamic Delivery
There are several advantages to presenting output online related to your transpromo campaigns and messages. The campaign can not only be continued but updated dynamically on an ongoing basis, and using formats such as PDF and HTML5 to present the output enables you to make the documents interactive using hyperlinks, video, and Augmented Reality. For example, based on the recipient’s birthday or totals in their statement, various messages can be presented on the fly.

Another advantage of dynamic online delivery is that any hardcopy inserts that may have had coupons that have since expired can be removed or updated with current offers or messages. With online viewing, the information from the output can also be presented in various ways, such as displaying only a summary of a monthly statement.

SOLsearcher and Transpromo Concepts
Next, we’ll examine how our indexing tools and SOLsearcher Enterprise or SSE solutions relate to transpromo concepts for online presentment. As documents are prepared for online presentment, they are first indexed based on templates that define what content should be extracted. The Indexing Tools provide a GUI-based tool to define these indexes. Once indexed, the information is stored in an SQL database, which can be used to access documents and control the transpromo content for online delivery.

Here’s an example of SSE running in the background as an integrated solution for a business-to-consumer application. Based on the user’s login, access to only their statements is granted. Rather than showing the actual printed rendition of the mailpiece, the user is presented with summary information that you can allow them to export to their accounting software. The information presented is what has been indexed and is now stored in SQL. When subsequent statements are viewed, different advertisements or multimedia can be presented within the document based on business or marketing logic pre-determined for that user’s metrics.

Multimedia and Transpromo
Multimedia used in this way can transform an ordinary statement into something clients look forward to seeing monthly, especially when companies develop clever and humorous advertisements or offers. Companies can also use web tracking products to log when links are activated. This helps determine the success of marketing efforts and can be used to charge back the advertising companies being promoted.

One of the latest trends that support e-delivery is to add augmented reality or AR experiences to output. This can enhance customer experience and provide a path to digital experiences, starting with the documents you are now producing. Consumable on small screens, variable AR and video bring your content to life, giving your customers access to the critical information they need in an easily digestible and engaging format. Each AR message can be personalized to the end user.

The concepts discussed are part of Solimar’s Chemistry suite of solutions, which provide print file conversions, connectivity, document reengineering, online presentment, and archiving. These solutions work individually but are typically combined to provide an overall production print workflow solution.

Mary Ann Rowan

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