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How to Increase Your Profitability & Productivity Through Workflow Optimization – Electronic Document Efficiencies: Storage & Data Transmission – Part 5 of 5

(Length: 5:08)

For organizations dependent on high-volume print and electronic documents, storage costs and user access continue to pose immense challenges. As digital transformation accelerates information growth, businesses require intelligent solutions to optimize infrastructure while enabling productivity. Solimar Systems offers revolutionary document management tools to amplify efficiency.

The crux of the problem for data-rich enterprises is serving individual documents on-demand without duplicating terabytes of shared assets. The common tactic of separating files fails here, bloating storage with redundant fonts, images, and other embedded resources. Access controls also suffer when limited to sparse metadata like file names rather than full content searchability.

Solimar provides a masterful solution, allowing storage of comprehensive print batches within consolidated files and then extracting individual statements, bills, or marketing mailers instantly at the time of request. Compared to traditional methods, this dynamic delivery model reduces total storage footprints by 5-15x on average. Solimar slashed their needs from over 300TB down to a lean 23TB for one financial services user storing years of monthly statements.

Just as importantly, intelligent content distribution preserves security while engaging customers. Instead of bombarding users with a barrage of emailed attachments or links to static PDFs, Solimar generates a personalized portal for on-demand document access. Contents remain centralized and protected until explicitly requested based on individual user permissions. Built-in byte-serving displays initial pages immediately during download to prevent frustration.

Optimized storage and access powers operational breakthroughs daily for Solimar’s global 2000 client base, which spans finance, insurance, healthcare, higher education, aviation, and more. Direct Mail Partners’ vice president said: “Using the Solimar solution allows projects to be completed much quicker and at a lower operational cost.”

A Senior Systems Programmer knew firsthand the immense challenges of managing data for large, complex projects like building the next generation of stealth bombers and combat helicopters. Upon implementing Solimar, he recounted, “From day one, I could tell it was a powerful system because it was built to optimize network printing.”

At its foundation, Solimar’s Chemistry Platform enables simplified document composition from any source format while avoiding proprietary lock-in. Converting raw spool files to accessible PDFs, HTML, or custom layouts provides flexibility at a fraction of traditional costs. Integrating into existing workflows is seamless, with out-of-box compatibility with leading variable data publishing and finishing equipment.

With an eye always on reducing waste and accelerating output, Solimar empowers enterprises to achieve unprecedented productivity from existing document infrastructure. Moving petabytes of data to the cloud means nothing if end-users still wait eons for file transfers. Solimar paves the golden path to efficiency. Learn how today.

Mary Ann Rowan

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