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How to Increase Your Profitability & Productivity Through Workflow Optimization: Electronic Document Efficiencies – User Productivity – Part 2 of 5

(Length: 3:36)

Welcome back to our five-part series on How to Increase Your Profitability & Productivity Through Workflow Optimization: Electronic Document Efficiencies. Today, we’ll talk about how to increase User Productivity.

This session focuses on the benefits of electronic document automation for production print environments. Companion sessions cover postal optimization and integration with Automated Document Factory (ADF) workflows.

A significant advantage of electronic delivery is enabling faster, easier access to documents such as invoices and statements. This aids customer service scenarios where agents and customers view identical formats– overcoming confusion when agents only see raw data. Final format access also provides historical data, static content, and special offers that source systems may lack. After all, reducing inquiry times lifts productivity.

Hosting customer documents online powers self-service 24/7 access to mitigate reprint requests and postage expenses. Help desks gain customer document visibility, too, expediting issue investigation/resolution, which raises satisfaction.

Workflows with both pull and push distribution frameworks maximize productivity’s information access and delivery efficiencies. Pull allows ad-hoc retrieval so users get files on-demand. Push proactively routes personal documents to user inboxes automatically, so no search is required. Mobile access further accelerates reach and responsiveness.

Letting users configure inbox preferences and alert rules ensures they get the right documents effortlessly. Local or worldwide personnel obtain what they need faster, accelerating business velocity.

Optimizing document automation workflows directly improves efficiency and profitability metrics.

Solimar’s Chemistry™ platform delivers these productivity enhancements through print-stream conversions, production job management, document engineering, online document hosting with personalized portals, and archival capabilities.

Mary Ann Rowan

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