Learn How to Gain Success with a Print Workflow Platform

For those familiar with Solimar Systems, it will be no surprise that we are all in on print workflow, digital distribution or solutions that provide serious efficiencies and optimization for print providers and their print shops. If you are new to Solimar, then this is a great first introduction to our Chemistry Platform or modular print workflow solutions.

This video will start by sharing a little history of Solimar, our work in post-composition printing and digital solutions and our focus on innovative technologies and print industry trends. This will include mentions of items like PDF optimization and the Solimar expertise in the PDF file format, JDF and JMF standards and our focus on relationships and solution support. It will also cover the global footprint of Solimar print workflow, digital delivery, archive, tracking, reporting and visibility dashboard solutions.

The goal of this video is to help print providers (and digital providers) learn how to gain success with a post-composition print workflow platform. We will discuss our Chemistry Platform, what that means to a print shop or print environment and why it is of significant value. We will also reference our named customer case studies, which are truly real-world examples of the impact of our print workflow solutions.

Additionally, this video will share new, award-winning and innovative PDF optimization technology from Solimar that is driving serious improvements in print environments internationally. With cost savings, automation and more business opportunities as results, this is an area of your print shop you will definitely want to take a closer look at after watching this information.

However, print providers don’t have to just manage the physical print coming in and going out of their print shop. Today, digital channels are also important, as well as, digital storage of files in an archive. we will also touch on this aspect of the communications production process and how a capable archive solution can deliver efficiencies and optimizations for reprints, e-presentment in an online portal and cost-savings for customer service and operational audit activities. We hope you will find this information valuable and keep an eye out for future editions of our Solimar Secrets series.

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