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TransPromotional – Part 1 Transpromo Introduction

(Length: 4:35)

Unlocking the Power of Transpromo: Adding Value to Transactional Print

Welcome to the exciting world of transpromotional or “transpromo” workflows, where transactional print applications meet the dynamic marketing world. In this first session, we’ll provide you with an overview of the benefits and various facets of transpromo while also explaining how Solimar’s workflow solutions seamlessly fit into this ever-evolving landscape. As you delve deeper into this topic, you’ll discover the endless possibilities and ideas for implementing transpromo workflows that resonate with your unique business needs.

Understanding Transpromo
Transpromo stands for “transactional promotional.” It’s about enhancing the value of transactional print applications by introducing variable marketing data. The genius of transpromo lies in the fact that these documents, such as monthly statements or bills, are almost guaranteed to be seen by your customers. This provides a golden opportunity to increase their value by incorporating essential messages that are ideally tailored to each individual consumer.

The benefits of transpromo are multifaceted:

1. Maximizing Revenue Opportunities:
Transpromo opens new revenue streams by enabling cross-selling of products within your company or in partnership with others.
2. Strengthening Customer Relationships:
By donating space to charitable or community organizations or including messages promoting healthy lifestyles, you can foster more robust bonds with your clients.
3. Marketing Diversification:
Transpromo extends your marketing reach by going beyond traditional advertising channels. Your marketing messages are delivered directly to your customers through their transactional documents.

Variations of Transpromo
Transpromo means different things to different organizations. Here are some of the common variations and approaches:

1. Variable Logos and Messages:
Basic transpromo includes adding variable logos and messages on documents, such as postcards, to improve corporate branding.
2. Consistency in Branding:
Some companies aim to create a consistent look across all their applications by matching fonts, logos, and forms. The introduction of color can also be part of this effort.
3. Traditional Inserts:
Many organizations use traditional inserts to support their marketing efforts, either as hardcopy or dynamically added electronic inserts or onserts at the time of print.
4. Ground-Up Redesign:
Some companies opt for a complete redesign of their documents, implementing advanced business logic to ensure that transpromo content is accurate and relevant to each recipient. This approach often involves campaign management, analytics, and multi-platform tracking, known as Omni-Channel.
5. Electronic Presentation:
Transpromo is not limited to hardcopy output. It extends into electronic presentation, where content can be updated on the fly. Augmented reality can also be applied, providing a hybrid model with multimedia elements.
6. And More:
The possibilities are virtually endless, and businesses continue to explore innovative ways to leverage transpromo to their advantage.

How Solimar’s Solutions Can Help
Integrating transpromo capabilities can be challenging for businesses, mainly when source data access is limited. Solimar offers robust solutions that enable businesses to introduce transpromo concepts to wholly composed print files. One such solution is Rubika, part of Solimar’s workflow solutions. Rubika allows companies to revamp or reengineer their output without requiring changes at the application level.

Rubika primarily offers GUI-based tools, reducing the need for costly IT staff with datastream and programming skills. This allows for quick and easy changes without dramatically overhauling your existing workflow processes.

A real-world example is PrimeNet, a print services company that harnessed Rubika’s document reengineering capabilities to control transpromo workflows without asking their clients to make application changes. The result? PrimeNet experienced a substantial increase in sales revenue while providing clients with the exact type of output they desired.

The Road Ahead
Transpromo is a journey filled with innovation and growth. Solimar’s highly flexible Chemistry platform offers the tools and solutions to incorporate transpromo initiatives into your workflow seamlessly. Say goodbye to the need for application changes or complicated scripting, and say hello to cost-efficiency and maximized productivity.

We hope you found this session informative and inspiring. If you have any questions or need further guidance on your transpromo journey, please contact us. Your success is our mission, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Mary Ann Rowan

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