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Maximizing Your Inkjet Investment With Chemistry: Workflow Concepts for Optimizing Inkjet Production Printing

(Length: 17:26)

In the world of print centers, inkjet printing technology is revolutionizing the way businesses operate. This video dives deep into the various aspects of inkjet printing that can enhance efficiency, productivity, and cost savings, making it a valuable resource for both established print centers and those adopting inkjet technology for the first time.

1. The Advantages of Inkjet Printing
Inkjet printers are renowned for their high-quality color output, rapid printing speeds, and cost-effective ink usage. These features significantly improve production processes by streamlining workflows and reducing setup times, which in turn enables a diverse range of print jobs, such as direct mail, postcards, books, and personalized booklets.

2. Solimar’s Chemistry Platform: A Powerful Tool for Inkjet Workflows
Solimar’s Chemistry platform is specifically designed to support inkjet workflows, offering solutions for print file conversions, job management, connectivity, document reengineering, postal savings, and online presentment and archiving. Its graphical user interface (GUI) driven design allows for quick and easy implementation.

3. Adopting the White Paper Factory Workflow
Inkjet printers make it possible to embrace a white paper factory workflow, which can eliminate the need for pre-printed shells and inventory management. This approach allows for the addition of dynamic content to each page or envelope at runtime, resulting in cost reduction and increased flexibility.

4. Formatting and Optimizing Output with the Chemistry Platform
The Chemistry platform optimizes print streams while catering to various formatting requirements, ensuring that inkjet printers operate at their maximum rated speed. Additionally, it helps decrease paper and envelope usage and efficiently manages inventory.

5. Job Batching, Commingling, and Householding Techniques
Print centers can achieve increased postal savings and operational efficiency by digitally batching files and commingling jobs. Another technique called “householding” consolidates multiple recipient records into a single envelope, further reducing mailing-related costs.

6. Electronic Delivery and Archiving: An Eco-Friendly Alternative
Offering electronic delivery as a viable alternative to traditional printing can result in considerable consumables savings while supporting environmentally friendly initiatives. The archive system of the Chemistry platform can be used as part of a reprint solution for damaged pieces, ensuring minimal waste.

7. Managing Inkjet Environments with the SOLitrack Dashboard
Another component of the Chemistry platform is the SOLitrack dashboard, which plays a crucial role in managing inkjet environments. It simplifies job batching, scheduling, and tracking, allowing print centers to maximize the benefits of their inkjet investment and enhance their overall productivity.

Mary Ann Rowan

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