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TransPromotional – Part 2 Adding Content to Current Output

(Length: 4:39)

Unlocking the Power of Transpromo: Enhancing Your Print Output with Solimar’s Rubika

Welcome back to the second part of our series on Solimar’s transpromo workflows. In this session, we’ll delve into how Solimar’s Rubika solution can revolutionize your print output by enabling the addition and modification of content using underlays, overlays, or onserts. This transformative process allows for dynamic content integration, such as graphics and text messages, without making any alterations at the composition or host level. Let’s explore how Rubika can empower your business with the magic of transpromo.

Understanding the Magic of Overlays and Underlays
To get started, it’s essential to grasp the concept of overlays and underlays. Typically associated with background forms, they serve the purpose of replacing pre-printed stock for hardcopy output or replicating pre-printed stock for electronic delivery. These techniques offer numerous benefits, including reduced costs related to the creation, storage, and management of pre-printed stock, as well as ensuring that online versions of your output closely match the printed version. However, for this session, our focus will be on how underlays and onserts can revolutionize your transpromo efforts by enhancing the appearance and content of your documents.

We use the term “onsert” or “overlay ” to add content on top of the printed data. This technique can be employed to mask, update, or overlay information on the page with dynamic content. On the other hand, an underlay goes beneath the current output, ensuring that it doesn’t obstruct any existing content. The choice between underlays and overlays primarily depends on whether you want to overlay or maintain transparency with the information already on the page.

Transforming Your Output with Transpromo
Now, let’s explore a few real-life examples of how underlays and onserts can enhance the appearance of your output and introduce transpromo concepts:

1. Elevating Monochrome Forms:
In this example, a monochrome form has been replaced with a vibrant color underlay. The simple act of replacing the form dramatically improves the look and usability of the output.
2. Dynamic Marketing Messages:
Building on the previous example, the document was enhanced with additional color and dynamic marketing messages tailored to each account. This not only enhances the aesthetics but also allows you to make the most of available white space.
3. Optimizing Space:
Underlays and overlays don’t have to cover entire pages; they can be applied partially to make the most of white space. For instance, dynamic content was added to the front sheet based on data conditions, eliminating the need for a typical blank page.
4. Personalized Logos:
Company logos can be dynamically added to match the broker or local distributor associated with the data on each statement page.
5. Filling White Space:
Transpromo is about optimizing every inch of your documents. Variable marketing messages, dynamic graphics, and even company logos can be added to improve the statement’s appearance and promote brand consistency.
6. Conditional Content:
Sometimes, add text messages and dynamic graphics based on conditional processing rules about each statement’s content. This flexibility allows you to tailor your output precisely to your audience.
7. Augmented Reality (AR):
One of the latest trends in transpromo is adding AR experiences to your output. This can transform your customer’s experience by providing engaging and interactive content. Variable AR messages can be personalized, and they take advantage of the airspace above the page.

Rubika: Your Transpromo Solution

Rubika is the go-to solution for adding content to your existing print output. It’s a part of Solimar’s Chemistry platform of workflow solutions, offering print file conversions, connectivity, document enhancement, online presentment, and archiving. These products can work independently, but they truly shine when combined to provide a complete solution for your production print workflows.

Thank you for joining us for this session on the power of Rubika in transpromo workflows. Explore our other sessions to understand how our solutions can support your transpromo initiatives. We’re excited to hear from you and discuss how we can help you achieve your goals. Our commitment is to exceed your expectations by delivering reliable solutions that cater to the ongoing and new trends in your industry, all backed by excellent customer service and top-notch technical support.

Mary Ann Rowan

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