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How to Increase Your Profitability & Productivity Through Workflow Optimization: Electronic Document Efficiencies – Part 1 of 5

(Length: 3:28)

Welcome to the first part of a five-part series from Solimar Systems on how to increase profitability and productivity by optimizing your production print workflow. In this ongoing series, we’ll explore various ways that electronic workflows can enhance efficiency across your organization.

Solimar Systems has helped many clients around the world implement solutions that lead to

  • Measurable cost savings
  • Increased productivity
  • Faster ROI

The strategies discussed are designed to be easy to implement without extensive proprietary customization services.

As you may consider adding or upgrading electronic presentment systems, keep the following guidance in mind:

Look for an enterprise-wide, horizontally deployable solution that can meet a variety of needs, from internal and external distribution to analytics, reprints, and flexible security controls. Scalability is also key – select a flexible platform that can grow with your organization without major overhead.

Our clients have frequently replaced outdated legacy systems with our e-delivery solutions, getting up and running quickly in days rather than months without the need for complex integrations. The versatility and broad functionality of these modern platforms have enabled our customers to realize ROI within weeks or even days in some cases!

Over the next four parts of this series, we’ll share real-world examples of how clients across various verticals have utilized electronic workflows to:

  • Reduce costs associated with printing, mail processing, document storage
  • Accelerate business processes through instant information access
  • Improve customer service through online document availability
  • Increase revenue with value-added services like analytics

Rather than focusing on technical details, we’ll highlight the business impact – how much time and money organizations have saved while simultaneously increasing productivity. Companies that deal heavily in transactional documents and communications are primed for these efficiency gains.

The benefits from electronic workflow optimization often pay for themselves extraordinarily quickly – easily within one year for most implementations and substantially faster in many cases. Stay tuned over this five-part series for real-world examples of the game-changing ROI our diverse client base has achieved!

Mary Ann Rowan

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