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Streamlining Communication and Cutting Costs Through Householding

A global healthcare system saw an opportunity to improve its communication distribution as patients and customers face mailboxes flooded with letters from healthcare providers, banks, insurance firms, etc. They aimed to reduce their print and mail expenses while also enhancing patient experiences by consolidating redundant mail items. This initiative, powered by document re-engineering and householding techniques, yielded over $11,000 in savings in just one month and garnered rave patient reviews.

The Problem of Fragmented Mail

Picture receiving 97 envelopes in a single day – this was the reality for one shocked patient who dealt with a daily barrage of letters from this healthcare provider. While an extreme case, it exemplifies the unnecessary volume many patients face. As current workflows stand, getting multiple letters spaced days apart but related to the same topic is common.

This excess volume translates directly into added expenses from multiplied postage and material costs. But it also cultivated patient frustration that threatened customer loyalty. This healthcare firm spotted a chance to trim waste and better serve patients by critically examining its outbound communications strategy.

Realizing the Power of Householding

Fundamentally, householding entails strategically combining mail items headed to the same recipient into one envelope. Banks, insurers, and publishers have leveraged this technique for years to cut costs – but its power to transform patient experiences was a newer revelation.

Workflow diagram explaining how to

This health system’s solution partner, Solimar Systems, opened their eyes to the householding opportunity—dramatic reduction chances surfaced by assessing their various document workflows, especially around patient letters and billing statements. In analyzing just one month’s communications, consolidation opportunities emerged to trim over 21,000 mail items. Through householding, they forecasted over $11,000 in savings from a single month’s communications.

Even more meaningful was the bounce in patient satisfaction when letter volume decreased. By receiving communications bundled into fewer envelopes, patients enjoyed more convenience and insight into their health and billing status from related content grouped logically.

How Householding Drives Impact

At its core, effective householding relies on intelligent document re-engineering powered by Solimar System’s Chemistry platform. Two critical capabilities make it possible:


Extracts address data and builds recipient indexes to identify householding opportunities


Automates the assembly of relevant documents into new mail packets for consolidated distribution

Based on recipient names, addresses, and other parameters, Solimar’s solutions plot out related communications aimed at the same audience. These documents are then intelligently sorted, grouped, and prepared for simplified mailing.

The applications of this technique are vast, whether optimizing bills and statements or consolidating marketing materials to customers. Some additional use cases include:

  • Consolidating informational mail like policies, claims checks, and other documentation
  • Bundling marketing materials headed to the same recipient
  • Updating accounting systems and marketing databases to reflect consolidated mail items

No matter the industry, leading enterprises recognize the central role document re-engineering plays in driving workflow efficiency. Tame your mail communications, reduce customer frustrations, and trim significant costs simultaneously through householding with Solimar Systems. Reach out to learn more about the possibilities for your organization!

To learn more watch this brief video on householding postal optimization.

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