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Solimar Systems, Hunkeler Innovationdays, Xerox, Screen, Augmented Reality, AR, Whitepaper Factory, Rubika, Chemistry

Hunkeler Innovationdays, Day 2: Getting personal with lions and monkeys

During the Hunkeler Innovationdays, we'll be demonstrating the Solimar Systems Augmented Reality (AR) solution live at the Xerox booth - stop by to meet powerful documents with personalized cheeky monkeys, roaring lions, and impressive elephants!

Solimar Systems, Hunkeler Innovationdays, Xerox, Screen, Augmented Reality, AR, Whitepaper Factory, Rubika, Chemistry

Hunkeler Innovationdays, Day 2: Getting to know your new friends

Yesterday was a very busy day. Which, of course, was great for meeting a lot of new people but more importantly, to join forces and introduce the best possible solutions to Screen's customers and prospects to make their printing life easier, more productive and thus successful, and at the end of the day, also financially more rewarding.

Solimar Systems, Hunkeler Innovationdays, Xerox, Screen, Augmented Reality, AR, Whitepaper Factory, Rubika, Chemistry

Hunkeler Innovationdays 2017, Day 1 – Color, Colour, Farbe, Couleur, Colore…

Every small-talk attempt quickly turns into a pleasant shoptalk, and before you know it, you got an update on nozzle cleaning, polymer technology, de-inking invention, improved UX design for print queue management, modular built of drying, cutting, sorting units and much more.

Solimar Systems, Screen, Hunkeler Innovationdays, Xerox, Augmented Reality, Rubika

Hunkeler Innovationdays, Screen & Solimar Systems – Dipping into new territories

As if a trip to Europe, Switzerland, Lucerne, to attend the Hunkeler Innovationdays 2017 isn't exciting enough, we are so grateful and happy to follow Screen's invitation and support them with some of our latest workflow solutions in their booth.

Solimar Systems, Augemented Reality, TREKK, Xerox, Hunkeler Innovationsdays

Dynamic Augmented Reality – Next Stop Hunkeler Innovationdays 2017

Our AR (Augmented Reality) reality journey started just over a year ago. Driven by the idea, how we can add even more value to existing documents, how we can keep "standard" transactional pieces evergreen.

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Solimar System, Paul Abdool and the Printerverse – Panel Discussions for Successful Printing

A huge thank you to the PrintMediaCentr team and Deborah Corn for your work and for bringing us all together and beaming us live out to the Printerverse.

2017 Hunkeler Innovationdays

Starting the year with innovation and attending the Hunkeler innovationdays 2017

We are excited to be part of this exceptional event. Solimar Systems will be in the Xerox booth driving their production color inkjets – Rialto, Brenva and Trivor.

Solimar Systems

Get to Know the 2016 OutputLinks Communications Group Women of Distinction

The Women of Distinction designation has been in existence for 15 years and is one of the OutputLinks Communications Group's industry recognition programs.

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In slow-motion to the grand finale – Day 4 at Graph Expo 2016

THANK YOU to the Graph Expo team for organizing this great event. We appreciate all the efforts everyone is putting into making these shows such a success.

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Of early birds, night owls, and peppermint spray – Day 3 at Graph Expo 2016

Thank you everyone at Xplor and Xerox for the healthy first meal of the day, dozens of great meetings ith customers, more panels, receptions during and after the conference, dinners, award ceremonies, music & great networking.

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Make it shine, give it that special touch – Day 2 at Graph Expo 2016

We're just getting ready for day 3 at Graph Expo - Thanks to Xerox we had a late night yesterday, so rather than Good night and sweet dreams, it's: Good morning and have a glorious day, today!

Edward Scissorhands, Solimar Systems

Edward Scissorhands has three Sisters or Day 1 at Graph Expo 2016

On the first day of Graph Expo 2016, personalization got a completely different touch: Did you know Edward Scissorhands has three sisters and they work in the paper cutting business?

Solimar Systems

While you were resting, we were working

Conferences never really start the day they're announced. Our team started months ago preparing for Graph Expo, others spent the past couple of days here in Orlando to help bring everything together.

Graph Expo, Solimar Systems

Suitcases out, Graph Expo 2016 – We’re on our way!

Here we go, it's pack-the-suitcase-time again. The usual suspects, business/conference outfit, soft cushioned shoes for after hour events followed by laptop, business cards and brochures for our visitors.

Solimar Systems Wins 2016 Graph Expo MUST SEE ’EMS Award

Inkjet Mailing and Efficiency – A Graph Expo 2016 Must See ‘Ems Winner

We're not just showcasing our latest solution during Graph Expo, our Inkjet Mailing & Efficience Solution has been chosen a MUST SEE 'EMS.

The New ROI of Communications, Solimar Systems

The New ROI of Communications

This session will take you on a thought-provoking journey to uncover ROI tactics that professionals use to navigate business case barriers and improve business case proposal success rates.