Make it shine, give it that special touch – Day 2 at Graph Expo 2016

Let’s start with some good news: print is totally alive. But… you have to add value to it. Literally.

Augmented Reality

At Solimar Systems we have been working on adding the option of dynamic augmented reality to your transactional or promotional documents. Whether it’s a call to action, a video or a visualization of, say, your utility bills showing you the dynamics of your energy consumption. You can print this information, sure, but you might want to engage with your customers in a more interactive way – augmented reality offers great opportunities here.


But there are other options to add value to paper. Imagine, your eyesight isn’t the very best, like beyond wearing glasses. You’d think paper isn’t the right way of communicating in that case? We thought so, too and our conference neighbor Scodix proofed us wrong: They developed a technology allowing for adding coating dynamically, even personalized text in braille. (We managed to grab one of their sample books, not sure though how to share the sentiment on the finger tips with you. Could virtual reality help here?)

Print on anything

Adding value to traditional materials is one thing. But some companies are taking print to other, almost any base now: paper, carton, textile, plastic, metal – you name it. It almost feels like: BYOB – bring your own base – and we print on it (e.g. Xerox, EFI…)

Make it shine, give it that special touch - Day 2 at Graph Expo 2016

Never stop learning

Another great “side effect” of Graph Expo. The many learning sessions that help empower users to be more productive, more successful; just like we try and help our users to be more successful when we invite them (you) to our user conferences: sharing our insights and knowledge is as important to us as ongoing support as we want you to become stronger as we work together.

We’re just getting ready for day 3 at Graph Expo – Thanks to Xerox we had a late night yesterday (and a great breakfast session this morning), so rather than Good night and sweet dreams, it’s: Good morning and have a glorious day, today!


The Solimar Systems Team

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