While you were resting, we were working

So here’s the thing with conferences, they never really start the day, they’re announced to start. Some on our team started months ago preparing for Graph Expo, others spent the past couple of days here in Orlando to help bring everything together and others even attended another event before the big event.

Presenting a prototype of the future of print

Mary Ann, for example, she presented our latest developments and outlooks for the future of value-added print to the attendees of INg’s 2016 workshop and networking forum.

Mary Ann Rowan presents Solimar Systems' latest developments and outlooks for the future of value-added print to the attendees of INg's 2016 workshop and networking forum.


Putting the pieces together

And while she shared updates to our solutions, and the prototype of dynamic augmented reality to a closely listening audience, our colleagues Mark and Mike were busy at the Orange County Convention Center putting together what arrived in bits and pieces:

The Solimar Systems Bothe #841 at Graph Expo 2016


Our presentations during Graph Expo will focus on Multi-Channel Customer Communication Delivery, and how our Chemistry™ CCM Platform helps to bring different applications and workflow steps together, streamlining production management. We will also share our thoughts on adding extra value to print by tapping into dynamic augmented reality.

What’s the value of print

There have been, and still are (and probably will be for a long time) endless discussion like “Print is dead”, or “Print will never die”. All of them basically discussing our livelihood and questioning whether what we do is still relevant. We would like to extend this discussion. Print is just one of many options to present data. Multi-channel delivery, considering the preferred method of delivery, another. But whatever and however you present information, it is still a bit “flat”. One-dimensional.

What if and the “other” dimension

What, if you could add extra value to the way communication, in particular, transactional data is presented? What if you could add another dimension to the “flat” presentation?

We have been experimenting with dynamic augmented reality. Many of you might have seen IKEA’s revolutionary catalog:

Technology has moved on rapidly since IKEA brought this out first. Today’s applications allow for dynamic AR.

We would like to invite those of you, who are attending Graph Expo, to download our Solimar Systems App either from the Apple App Store or from Google Play and stop by at our booth #841 for a value added data presentation experience.

If you can’t attend Graph Expo, please don’t hesitate to download our app. You might not be able to try all it offers out today, but rest assured, we’ll post all you need for your AR experience over the next couple of days.

With that it’s (almost) time to say good night from Orlando.

See you all, either live or online, tomorrow.

The Solimar Systems Graph Expo Team.

For more information, call the Solimar Sales Team at +1.619.849.2800.