Starting the year with innovation and attending the Hunkeler innovationdays 2017

Hunkeler Innovationdays 2017

And again we are excited to be part of this exceptional event. Solimar Systems will be in the Xerox booth driving their production color inkjets – Rialto, Brenva and Trivor.

Always on the road

Looking back at 2016 we can certainly say, it was a great year for conferences (Xerox Global Conferences, Solimar Systems User and Partner Conferences, drupa, Inkjet Summit, Graph Expo – to only name some) and now innovation. 

We have seen ink technology pouring into the production print market, making personalization of literally everything possible. And innovation in software, and hardware, for pre- as well as for post-production creating the most stunning pieces of customer communication.

Coming to a place near you

We have a lot of events are lined up for 2017 as we like to get as close to our clients and partners as possible, whether they are in the US or Europe or any other part of the world. But this first international event of the year is indeed a highlight we are very excited about. It gives us the opportunity to a) go to Europe (which we always love) – and b) to get energized (and energize others, e.g. during a reception we’ll sponsor) for the upcoming months. Not to mention that this is, of course, the first opportunity of the year to present new and updated solutions. 

Printing A to Z

If you are looking for an event focusing on digital only and giving you inspiration for the printing process from A to Z, the Hunkeler innovationdays (February 20-23, 2017 in Lucerne, Switzerland) are certainly the event to go to; we are most certainly looking forward to seeing you there.

Warm regards,
Mary Ann Rowan
CSMO Solimar Systems

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