Rubika System Modules

Engineered by Solimar, Rubika is a modular document re-engineering system. The modules can be configured in many combinations to automate manual processes, enable postal savings, add value to documents, and modify print data on-the-fly at run time.

Modules are licensed separately and in bundles based on the customer requirements.

Rubika Address Cleanse & Sort Module

Address Cleanse & Sort

Extracts content from documents to be fed into address cleansing and sorting software then re-imported into Rubika.

Rubika Annotation Stripper Module

Annotation Stripper

Removes the annotations from the PDF data and retains the annotation content in an external file.

Rubika Archive Assistant Module

Archive Assistant

Create a "table of contents" for files to facilitate adding them to an archive repository.

Rubika Assembly Module


Assembles multiple PDF files by gathering information from the fields in the CSV file and concatenating the PDF files into one output file.

Rubika Barcode Reader Module

Barcode Reader

Provides the ability to read barcode content from the output allowing you to interpret and index the content of graphical barcodes.

Rubika Book Block Module

Book Block

Arranges duplicates of a single page image in an n-up fashion on an output sheet. Each output sheet contains n duplicates of the same page image.

Rubika Commingle Module


Concatenates and sorts disparate types of documents into larger sets of output to achieve greater zip code saturation for greater postal discounts.

Rubika Concatenation Module


Appends multiple data files together in a logical order.

Rubika Data Import & Export Module

Data Import & Export

Exports content from documents to feed external data manipulation routines and then import the updated content for use with other modules.

Rubika De-Imposition Module


Extracts and outputs individual 1-up PDF files from imposed or N-Up documents.

Rubika Delete & Replace Pages Module

Delete & Replace Pages

Removes or replaces pages from reports.

Rubika DPM Finishing Module

DPM Finishing

Packages finishing information inside a PDF file so that devices that support DPMs (Document Part Metadata) can process the PDF directly.

Rubika Encryption Module


Encrypts PDF output using 128-bit AES encryption compatible with Adobe Acrobat 7 and later.

Rubika Finishing Commands Module

Finishing Commands

Adds finishing commands to files based on page numbers or indexed page content.

Rubika Imposition Module


Input files are arranged in multiple pages on one or more sheets of paper prior to printing so that the finished output forms a book or booklet.

Rubika Insert Pages & Messages Module

Insert Pages & Messages

Adds additional sheets or content to output files to support transpromotional and mailing workflows.

Rubika Barcode Module


Produces content to support inserter controls (barcodes and OMR) as well as text for addressing letters or providing other human readable messages.

Rubika Masking Module


Placement of opaque rectangular regions on a page to conceal barcodes, OMR marks or other content.

Rubika Merge Module


Merges files and sub documents together based on grouping related information from multiple documents together to create a consolidated document.

Rubika N to 1 Module

N to 1

Reverses the order of the output pages where the output is delivered in descending order-the last page is first in the stack, and the first page is last.

Rubika 2-up Module


Adjusts the layout of the output data so it is formatted in "N-up" fashion, where two logical sheets are arranged to print on one larger physical sheet.

Rubika Overlay & Underlay Module

Overlay & Underlay

Inserts form overlays or underlays or watermarks to pages of documents based on variable index information.

Rubika Page Piece Module

Page Piece

Generates Page-Piece dictionaries in the Page objects of the PDF files being processed for quick retrieval by external processes.

Rubika Rename Module


Conditionally renames output files based on Rubika internal variables, function results, static text, or a combination of these.

Rubika Scale, Shift & Rotate Module

Scale, Shift & Rotate

Adjusts the size and position of page images by scaling, shifting, and/or rotating page images in the data to meet various formatting requirements.

Rubika Segment & Split Module

Segment & Split

Breaks files into multiple smaller ones using two methods: Segmenting and Splitting

Rubika Sort Module


Streamlines the ability to sort records within a PDF file.