Address Cleansing & Sorting

Rubika® is able to extract content from documents to be fed into address cleansing and sorting software. The address cleansing and sorting software cleanses the addresses and the updated information is re-imported into Rubika. Rubika updates the document with the corrected address information and separates undeliverables out of the mailing. The sub-documents are sorted in postal (zip) order using external business logic based on the extracted information.

Rubika Address Cleanse & Sort Module

Common business process improvements include:

  • Data cleansing and sorting can be done at run-time
  • Supports co-mingling of documents into single postal run
  • Can be staged with postal sorting
  • Enables great potential for postal savings
  • Cleansing and sorting can be done on formatted content without needing to access the original composition software or database
  • Supports reverse order of print
  • Increases delivery success