Rubika® can merge files and sub documents together based on indexed content. Rubika’s file merging is not simply concatenating files, but is grouping related information from multiple documents together to create a consolidated document. Typically, users start with a “master” file and one or more “detail” files containing content they would like to merge into the master. Content within the master file, such as an account number, would associate content among the files.

The merge step extracts pages containing matching account numbers from the detail files and weaves them into a new version of the master document adjacent to each other. This module can eliminate manual collation tasks and reduce mailing costs by consolidating content into one envelope.

Rubika Merge Module

Some business process improvements are:

  • Householding, consolidated mailings
  • Document assembly / automated collating
  • Inserting variable marketing messages
  • Reduced manual labor
  • Reduce mailing costs