Segment & Split

Rubika® is able to break files into multiple smaller ones using two methods: Segmenting and Splitting

When segmenting, Rubika separates a file by extracting “reports”, indexed sub-documents, based on the number of sheets and/or the postal delivery (zip) code for each report. Segmenting extracts and groups reports with similar sheet totals or zip codes. Adjacent reports in the output may not have been adjacent in the input file.

When splitting, Rubika separates the file based on page, sheet or report counts. Splitting chops a file into multiple files in a serial manner. Adjacent pages in the output were adjacent in the input file. Splitting is commonly aligned to indexed report boundaries so that files containing personalized documents are split into many new files with one new file for each personalized document within the original job.

Rubika Segment & Split Module

Segmenting & Splitting

Segmenting enables:

  • Routing output nearest to the delivery point
  • Handling output on an appropriate finishing system or inserter based on the number of sheets the device can accommodate

Splitting enables:

  • Distributing production across multiple devices
  • Isolating content that must be individually processed or stored