Annotation Stripper

It is sometimes desirable to augment account statement data with additional customer-related information that can be used during processing. This may include sensitive information that is not permitted to be available for viewing or printing, but can be helpful for such things as authentication and verification at certain stages in the internal processing workflow. Typically, this additional information is added when a PDF document is generated from mainframe data. The additional customer data is embedded in comment fields. When the mainframe data is converted to PDF by the Solimar Print Director Enterprise (SPDE), this additional information is converted into PDF annotations. The content of these annotations can then be indexed and used for data mining purposes. If the final PDF output is intended for viewing, these annotations may need to be removed if their content is not intended for public consumption, as they would be accessible either through the viewer or by examining the PDF source code.

Rubika Annotation Stripper Module

The Annotation Stripper Module can selectively remove the annotations from the PDF data and retain the annotation content in an external file so that it can be indexed and used elsewhere in the workflow without being available to anyone viewing the PDF. The Annotation Stripper step uses Conditional Actions, which in turn use a set of Criteria to trigger the actions.

Two actions are available within the step:

  • The Strip Annotation action selectively removes annotations
  • The Add To Substream action creates an external text file containing the annotation content for later use