N to 1

Rubika® is able to reverse the order of the output pages where the output is delivered in descending order-the last page is first in the stack, and the first page is last using the N to 1 Module. This is typically used to accommodate finishing equipment such as an inserter or a stitching device.

This module reverses the pages of the entire file to output pages in descending order, or reverses pages within individual subdocuments, statements or reports while maintaining the overall order of each sub-document in the file.

Rubika N to 1 Module


For print centers with CF devices, this module this prevents the need to un-wind the output to another roll in order to reverse it for finishing. Un-winding rolls can take up to an hour per instance of labor and deferred time to finishing. The Nto1 Module saves companies thousands of hours and dollars and helps assure SLA’s by getting the output to the finishing equipment sooner.