Barcode Reader

The Barcode Reader Module provides the ability to read barcode content from the output allowing you to interpret and index the content of graphical barcodes. The information encoded in barcodes can then be used to control production workflow steps.

Rubika Barcode Reader Module

Typical uses for the Barcode Reader Module include:

  • Replace older barcodes with updated barcodes needed to support downstream finishing equipment
  • Update existing barcodes with additional information while retaining the original barcode content
  • Control processing logic that automates production workflows
  • Control other types of print stream modifications, such as adding electronic inserts or underlays
  • For full-color print devices, set up a workflow where Rubika reads the barcode and adds electronic inserts, thus eliminating pre-printed inserts previously added by inserters
  • Interpret OMR marks using logic based on the presence or absence of marks
  • Detect whether a page region is blank making it possible to Trigger events such as transpromotional marketing based on available white space in a page region