Overlay & Underlay

For various workflows it may be desirable to determine if there is room on a page to add content. Related to TransPromotional type workflows this is often referred to as white space calculation. Rubika® enables users to build workflows based on the white space availability determined from content on the page. Rubika can also create white space on the page by opaquing content so it can be dynamically updated with new content.

Rubika can conditionally insert form (opaque) overlays or (non-opaque) underlays or watermarks to pages of documents based on variable index information.

Rubika Overlay & Underlay Module

Key workflow process improvements include:

  • Masking confidential content
  • Replicating pre-printed stock so reprinted or viewed reports look like original printed copies
  • Adding conditional marketing and legal messages
  • Fill white space with content
  • Adding variable logos and pictures