Scale, Shift & Rotate

Rubika® is able to adjust the size and position of page images by scaling, shifting, and/or rotating page images in the data to meet various formatting requirements.

Rubika Scale, Shift & Rotate Module

Applications for this capability include:

  • Shrinking and offsetting the page images to create room for barcodes or insertion device control codes close to the edge of the output to prevent overprinting or other interference with existing data.
  • Shifting, offsetting or shingling the page data in the input document in an alternating fashion to meet binding requirements.
  • Scaling (bigger or smaller) and shifting content around a page to fit the physical media.
  • Supports enlarging output to support mandates for providing large print (16 pt or higher fonts) for the visually impaired.
  • Rotating certain page images from their original orientation.
  • Supports “de-imposing” output. For example, taking a 2-up file and making it 1-up, or a 3-up and making it 1-up.
  • Supports extracting a region of a page into new page. For example, extracting ID card information into an output file that only contains ID cards without the other enrollment or content of the page.