Data Import & Export

Rubika is able to export content from documents to feed external data manipulation routines and then import the updated content (CSV or XML) for use with subsequent Rubika Modules. The Import/Export Module provides great flexibility in that the exported CSV or XML data can be modified by any external routine clients define to meet their workflow requirements.

Rubika Data Import & Export Module

Common business process improvements include:

  • Sort data based user-defined routines
    • Based on zip codes, delivery points, piece weights, alphanumerical
  • Insert additional content and flag records to control downstream processing rules
    • Deletion of records/pages
    • Segmenting output
    • Insert PDF codes to link to external files, video, web links, marketing messages
  • Integrate with external databases
    • Update external databases with indexed document information
    • Update and insert Rubika variables with external database content
    • Facilitate interaction with ADF workflow processes