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How to get your printing Chemistry™ right

Solimar Systems is demonstrating how catalog, book, and transactional workflows can be seamlessly managed by it's universal Chemistry™ CCM Platform.

Xerox. Drupa. Change is here, Solimar Systems

Can you feel the chilling winds of change?

It's been a stormy journey to Europe for some of the Solimar team. We were wondering are these the winds of change going through the printing industry?

drupa2016, Solimar Systems

Day 1 at drupa2016 – why some things never change

Today #drupa2016 opened it's doors to the public. For us, it's great to see so many new faces. But that's about the only thing that really changes at drupa.

drupa2016, Solimar Systems

Day 2 at drupa2016 – The day my tongue became a marathon runner

Those of you who know Solimar Systems, know that we like to run the extra mile for our clients. A vital part of my body seems to turn into a marathon runner

Solimar Systems

Day 3 at drupa2016 – It’s in the detail, & size does matter: production printing

Production printing for us means attention to details. No matter how many records you have in your database, no matter whether it's black & white or color,

drupa 2016, Solimar Systems

Day 4 at drupa2016 – The place where magic meets paper

5 days of magic... Remember, we started with the Xerox pre-drupa event. 5 days of exciting innovation, magical moments where paper turns into 3D objects,

Beauty, beasts and drupa 2016, Solimar Systems

Day 5 at drupa2016 – Of M’s, beauty and real beasts

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say. And let's admit it, we probably are a bit biased when we talk about the beauty of print, colors, coating,

Enjoy Every Moment, Frodo Baggins, drupa2016, Solimar Systems

Day 6 at drupa2016 – My feet feel like they belong to Frodo Baggins

Do you remember Frodo Baggins, the Hobbit, big flat feet? That's what our feet feel like right now. But, no complaining, the excitement is worth it.

interior design, Solimar Systems

Day 7 at drupa 2016 or how to do interior design

If you had seen what we have seen today, you would totally understand why it's suddenly all about interior design and not printing. Having said that, that's

Christmas, Solimar Systems

Day 8 at drupa 2016 – Christmas comes early this year

Do you remember the days, when grandma took the tinsel off the Christmas tree after the holiday season? Carefully, folding it away for next year? She definitely made a difference, and her eco-friendly act was way ahead of its time.