Day 3 at drupa2016 – It’s in the detail, & size does matter: production printing

Production printing for us means attention to details. No matter how many records you have in your database, no matter whether it’s black & white or color, whether it’s a “simple” mail shot or transactional printing: if you don’t pay attention to the details, it’ll go wrong. Those who receive the documents won’t be happy, in return those who produce the documents won’t be happy, and, to add a bit of icing to that cake: those who pay for getting the job done will be even less happy.

While being part of a colossal event like drupa, and Solimar Systems being a fairly small part of it, we aim at making a difference by presenting products and workflow simulations that help to avoid crucial and ultimately expensive errors.

We’re honored to present out solutions on one of the award-winning Xerox production printers.

Today’s visitors, starting with Ursula Burns, CEO Xerox, across to partners and clients primarily from the MEA (Middle East and Africa region) were visibly impressed by our solutions solving the most technically demanding challenges and at the same time offering a visual user interface to quickly and easy get access to the complete production workflow.

Hello, world!

We’re not sure whether we should say, unfortunately, there was not time to walk around and capture some impressions for you, because we had some of the most amazing guest visiting us:

With that it’s gute Nacht für heute (even our German seems to get better by the day),

Bis morgen auf der drupa,

The Solimar Systems team

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