Day 5 at drupa2016 – Of M’s, beauty and real beasts

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say. And let’s admit it, we probably are a bit biased when we talk about the beauty of print, colors, coating, and especially personalisation, and workflow automation and streamlining. After all, this is our core business.

But then you arrive at drupa and suddenly printing takes on a whole new dimension (and we’re not talking about the size of the event here): 3D printing.

Oh, we hear you, 3D printing has been all over the press, and place for the past couple of years, we’ve seen it all, the gimmicks 3D printed on the various shows, medical 3D printing… But have you seen this:

Beauty, beasts and drupa 2016

This is a beauty in 3D!

From what we learned, the MASSIVit technology allows for printing a sculpture like this in “only” a couple of hours (somewhere around 5 hours plus to be a bit more precise). We can definitely see both industrial use in it, and also artists experimenting with this technology.

More beautiful moments

Let’s leave the beauty of technology aside for a moment and focus on the human side of our business. Again we had the pleasure of welcome print enthusiasts from all over the world – today seems to have been the day of the M’s: Middle East, Malta, MEA Region, Mauritius…

drupa 2016, Xerox, Solimar systems, beauty, printing, workflow automation

drupa 2016, Xerox, Solimar systems, beauty, printing, workflow automation

So what will Day 6 look like? More guests for sure. More innovations? We’ll keep our eyes and ears open.

But for now it’s time for us to get some rest, gute Nacht!

Bis morgen auf der drupa,

The Solimar Systems Team

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