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Day 9 at drupa 2016 – Time to talk about us. And Xerox Impika. And…

Nine days... It doesn't really feel like it's already been nine days here at drupa, at the Xerox booth. All of us coming out to Duesseldorf thought, we know it all, have seen it all.

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Day 10 at drupa 2016 – We are the world (of communication)!

There is no such thing as a #print industry. Print has always been in the communication industry says @printfuture at #drupa2016 cube. We think pretty much

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drupa 2016 – 11 Glorious Days for the Printing Industry

This is not to say that the printing industry never sees any other days of glory. But as we all know, drupa is different. Special.

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drupa 2016 – The Aftermath or How to become a movie star

As we are digesting our drupa 2016 impressions, following up on all the contacts, we were also busy on editing some videos we put together for you during the massive event.