drupa 2016 – The Aftermath or How to become a movie star

As we are digesting our drupa 2016 impressions, following up on all the contacts, we were also busy on editing some videos we put together for you during the massive event.

Our presentations during drupa were all about workflow optimization, workflow automation and catalog printing. Some of our, and some third-party products, such as XMpie were doing all the hard work in the background (never mind the Xerox Impika printers).

More importantly, though, the whole process was held together by Solimar’s Chemistry™ CCM Platform. Even if you’re not too technical, the easily navigatable structure and real-time insights help you stay on top of any printing workflow.

We Mary Ann Rowan, CSMO, Solimar Systems, explaining some of the Chemistry™ highlights for you:

Find out more about Chemistry™ on our website.

And in case you missed the workflow video, here’s a copy for you:

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