Day 6 at drupa2016 – My feet feel like they belong to Frodo Baggins

Do you remember Frodo Baggins, the Hobbit, big flat feet? That’s what our feet feel like right now. But, no complaining, the excitement is worth it.

Today, Sunday, many of us took a moment to say “thank you,” whether it was by approaching some of the wonderful helping hands around us, or by attending one of the services drupa had organized, and sending a prayer out.

Thank you!

We, too, want to send a big THANK YOU out to everyone who is part of this magnificent event, to those back in the office in San Diego, helping to organize our part of this event, our Xerox colleagues, for having us at their booth, our partners, for joining us during drupa, our clients for visiting us, all those who didn’t know us but stopped by to learn more about us and our products: where would be without you.

And like Frodo Baggins’ mission is a long a winding road, we still have five days ahead of us (does anyone have bigger feet than Frodo – because that’s what our’s will fell like when drupa closes its doors). Five days to explore all the parts of drupa we haven’t seen yet, new technologies, new software and above all: new people.

While we’re putting today’s diary together for you, we’re preparing a hot bubble bath for Frodo Baggins …

So for now, it’s time for our feet to get some rest, gute Nacht!

Bis morgen auf der drupa,

The Solimar Systems team

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