Solimar Print Director Enterprise (SPDE) Connectivity Modules

The Solimar® Print Director Enterprise (SPDE) receives and sends data through many direct and network communication protocols. To host systems, SPDE appears as a native printer and receives print data for processing. To printers, SPDE appears as the host system sending appropriate print data and resources. The integrated connectivity modules of this system are listed below.

SPDE physically connects to and communicates with a wide range of mainframes, midrange hosts, networks, stand alone devices, printers, viewing stations, and archiving systems. A partial list of supported environments can be found below.

SPDE Channel Output Module

Bus/Tag Channel Output Module

Drives multiple Xerox LPS and 3211 line printers via online channel.
(No longer available for purchase)

SPDE Bus/Tag Input Module

Channel Input Module

Accepts print data from IBM and compatible mainframe systems by an integrated online channel connection.
(No longer available for purchase)

SPDE Disk Spooler Module

Disk Spooler Module

Names and writes files to disk drives for further processing. Data received from any input modules can be spooled to disk.

SPDE File Queuer Module

File Queuer Module

Processes and routes the data from specified directories based on configuration requirements.

SPDE FTP Queuer Mmodule

FTP Queuer Module

Connects to and transfers files from remote servers using File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

SPDE IPDS Printer Controller Module

IPDS Printer Controller Module

Drives IPDS printers over a TCP/IP network or BUS/TAG connection.

IPP Input and Output Modules

Allows print job submission through a secure bi-directional channel for communicating with printers using an encrypted pathway all the way to the printer.

SPDE Parallel Input & Output Modules

Parallel Input and Output Modules

Receives print streams and send data to printers via a high-speed buffered Parallel Centronics adapter.
(No longer available for purchase)


SCS Printer Emulation Modules

Enables printing AS/400, Stratus, S/3X line data, and OfficeVision applications onto Xerox LPS Metacode printers.
(No longer available for purchase)


SCSI SDI Output Module

Drives multiple Xerox LPS printers via the high-speed Shared Disk Interface (SDI).
(No longer available for purchase)

SPDE Tape Input Module

Tape Input Module

Offers a convenient way to print IBM AFP, Xerox LCDS/Metacode, or other PDL formatted jobs stored on tape.
(No longer available for purchase)

SPDE TCP/IP Input & Output Modules

TCP-IP Input and Output Modules

Receive and send data from the server via several communication protocols of TCP/IP.

SPDE Trash Can Module

Trash Can Module

Commonly used with other modules for page counting, creating printer resources, and temporary files.

SPDE Windows Spooler Module

Windows Spooler Module

Spools output data directly to Windows printers or output devices without using the printer driver.

Host Systems Supported

  • AS/400
  • AT&T
  • Bull
  • Data General
  • DEC
  • DOS
  • HP
  • IBM
  • Linux
  • Macintosh
  • NCR
  • Novell
  • Prime
  • RS/6000
  • Sequent
  • Sequoia
  • Stratus
  • Sun
  • System/3X
  • Tandem
  • Unisys
  • Unix
  • Wang
  • Windows