FTP Queuer Connectivity Module

The FTP Queuer input connectivity module of the Solimar® Print Director™ Enterprise (SPDE) connects to and transfers files from remote servers using File Transfer Protocol (FTP). The FTP servers can be located on LANs, WANs, or on the Internet.

The GUI interface of this module allows for searching directories, and displays a list of files and attributes such as file name, size, and creation date. Files in the queue can be printed, renamed, deleted, copied to hard drives, or dragged to other FTP sites.

FTP Queuer Module

Module Specifications & Components

  • Connects via host name and IP address of FTP server
  • IP address can be obtained dynamically
  • Integrated Login including User Name, Account, and Password to FTP server
  • Supports multiple FTP LIST formats:
  • Unix, Windows®(Unix Mode, DOS Mode), File Name Only
  • Implements the client side of the FTP protocol, as per RFCs 959 and 1123
  • Does not maintain an open connection to the FTP server, opens and closes as needed
  • Supports passive (PASV) mode enabling the client (FTP Queuer) to initiate the connection
  • Supports port (PORT) mode enabling the FTP server to initiate the connection
  • Supports automatic and manual transfer of files
  • Files can be deleted or left on host after transfer
  • Supports user defined queue depth and update intervals
  • Job copy count may be specified to override data
  • Integrated FTP connectivity eliminates the need for other products to transfer data from FTP servers
  • FTP Queuer Input Module communication software