SCS Printer Emulation Modules

(SCS module is no longer available for purchase)

The SCS printer emulation modules of the Solimar® Print Director™ Enterprise (SPDE) enable printing AS/400, Stratus, and S/3X line data and OfficeVision applications onto Xerox LPS Metacode printers. Data from the host is printed to the Solimar print server through a TCP/IP input connection. These emulations can be used in conjunction with other modules to seamlessly provide SCS conversions to IPDS, PCL, PostScript and TIFF.

SCS Printer Emulation Modules

SCS Printer Emulation Modules

SCS::3211 Module

The SCS::3211 Module converts SCS twinax line printer data to a Bus/Tag 3211 format. The module is configured with line spacing and Xerox DJDE control options.

SCS::Metacode Module

The SCS::Metacode Module converts AS/400 word processing (document-oriented) applications into Metacode for printing to high-speed production printers. Configuration options include color specification, DJDE control, carriage control, and font symbol set use.

Module Specifications & Components

  • SCS::3211 Module
    • Provides IBM line printer emulation
    • Converts SCS EBCDIC data into 3211 for printing on BUS/TAG channel connected printers
  • SCS::Metacode Module
    • Supports SCS and DCA/FFT applications
    • Provides IBM 3812 Model 1 printer emulation in 5219 mode
    • Performs dynamic font selection
    • Supports highlight color in variable text
    • Automatically selects portrait/landscape orientations
    • Supports bold, justify, underline, tab, center
    • Generates and passes through DJDEs
    • Generates RSTACKs
    • Supports PSM and typographics fonts
    • Downloads Xerox forms and resources
    • Provides SCS transparency
    • Supports international and graphic character code tables
  • SCS::3211 Printer Emulation Module
  • SCS::Metacode Printer Emulation Module
    • Font Creation Utility
    • Xerox JSLs
  • Modules are licensed separately.