SCSI SDI Output Connectivity Module

(SCSI SDI module is no longer available for purchase)

The SCSI SDI Output connectivity module of the Solimar® Print Director™ Enterprise (SPDE) directly drives multiple Xerox LPS printers via the high-speed Shared Disk Interface (SDI). SDI enables high-speed printing of graphical data onto Xerox Metacode LPS production printers that support this offline interface.

SCSI SDI Output Module

Module Specifications & Components

  • Drives print data to Xerox LPS at up to 10MB per second
  • Many times faster than on-line BUS/TAG or offline tape
  • Supports Disk Interleaved Images (D-mode) for high-speed graphic processing
  • Drives up to three printers via direct SCSI SDI interfaces
  • Automates printer start commands based on job name
  • Appends jobs together to reduce printer overhead
  • Supports Xerox “print-on-the-fly” mode enabling jobs to print while processing
  • Keeps or deletes processed jobs
  • Use with XCHANGE::Metacode module for TIFF image HPIP emulation
  • Uses 1GB processing on SCSI drives
  • 15-foot SCSI repeaters are available, chain up to three
  • Available on Xerox printer models: 4250, 4635, 4850, 4890, DP180, DP96, DP92C
  • One module is needed per printer connection
  • Printers require the Xerox DDI Interface Kit and a certain OS version installed
  • SCSI SDI Output Module communication software
  • SCSI SDI hardware:
    • SCSI adapter
    • Internal SCSI Xerox-formatted hard drive
  • Xerox JSLs