Tape Input Connectivity Module

(Tape Input module is  no longer available for purchase)

The Tape Input Module offers a convenient way to print IBM AFP, Xerox LCDS/Metacode, or other PDL formatted jobs stored on tape for processing by Solimar® Print Director™ Enterprise SPDE. Printing via tape input allows jobs to be submitted from systems that are not directly connected to the SPDE system or from print files that have been stored for backup purposes. The tape data is received from the tape device over a SCSI connection to the SPDE computer. Once the data is on the PC, you can take advantage of SPDEs print stream conversions and powerful job management capabilities to modify and route the data to meet your printing and archiving requirements. The Module can also be used to replicate a Xerox LPS offline printing environment.

Tape Input Module

Module Specifications & Components

  • Provides offline Xerox LPS tape input emulation
  • Provides offline IBM AFP data transfer
  • Directly controls SCSI-2 tape drives
  • Supports reading tape header labels for file naming information
  • Supports pre and post tape positioning
  • Supports blocking data to VLR output format
  • Supports Auto-Loader tape drives
  • Supports up to four tape devices on a single system
  • Supports 3480/3490E compatible 18/36 track drives
  • Supports 9-track compatible drives
  • Supports 1/4 QIC tape drives Supports 8 mm tape
  • Supports browsing tape data with the Tape Viewer utility
  • Tape Input Module
  • SCSI Adapter Card
  • Tape Viewer utility