Disk Spooler Connectivity Module

The Disk Spooler output connectivity module of the Solimar® Print Director™ Enterprise (SPDE) names and writes files to disk drives for further processing. Data received from any input modules can be spooled to disk. The Disk Spooler captures print data to disk for job management, efficient printing, archiving and the sharing of printer resources among several host computers.

Disk Spooler features a file redirection operation, in which jobs are sent to specified directories based on filters that compare the attributes with conditional criteria. When the job attributes meet the criteria, it is sent to the specified directory for printing, converting, archiving, viewing, or deletion. The Disk Spooler can include over twenty job attributes obtained from the input, emulation, and Job Separator Module(s) when naming spool files.

Disk Spooler Module

Module Specifications & Components

  • Writes files to disk drives
  • Captures data from networks and host systems where otherwise impossible
  • Names files for routing or for use with other applications
  • Supports file naming information including: job name, job size, job copies, job type, job ID, job description, form name, page count, host name, host type, job pages, class name,
  • account name, user name, JDE name, JDL name, volume I/O, FCB name, local host name, destination type, local host name
  • Supports customization of what file naming information is included in spool file names
  • Automatically redirects files to different directories based on job name
  • Appends multiple files together based on number of jobs, cumulative file size, or a timeout value
  • Supports user defined class specification
  • Supports user defined job naming
  • Supports Windows long file names
  • Provides automatic job recovery to keep or delete cancelled jobs
  • Disk Spooler Output Module
  • Included with Base System