Bus/Tag Channel Output Connectivity Module

(BUS/TAG no longer available for purchase)

The BUS/TAG Channel Output connectivity module of the Solimar® Print Director™ Enterprise (SPDE) directly drives multiple Xerox LPS and 3211 line printers via online channel. Used in conjunction with other input and emulation modules, network data can be routed to the Solimar print server and converted into Metacode and 3211 for printing onto high-speed production printers.

Bus/Tag Channel Output Module

Module Specifications & Components

  • Supports up to eight daisy-chained printers
  • Supports up to four BUS/TAG output connections per print server
  • Uses Solimar’s high-speed 32-bit PCI adapter channel card
  • Supports variable record format as input
  • Supports all printers that utilizes the 3211 protocol
  • Fully integrated BUS/TAG channel connectivity and communications
  • Easy upgrade from protocol converter boxes or DOS systems
  • BUS/TAG and SCSI outputs can operate in the same print server
  • Supports subtle channel protocol differences between printer manufacturers
  • Supports separating reports by forcing a form feed at the end of each job
  • BUS/TAG Output Module communication software
  • Solimar BUS/TAG hardware:
    • PCI 32-bit BUS/TAG channel adapter
    • 25-foot cable
    • Terminators
    • Xerox JSLs